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Create slicker iMovie transitions by detaching audio – Tutorial

Learn a simple trick to keep your clip transitions smooth in iMovie by detaching audio and letting that carry on.

iMovie Slick Transitions Tutorial - Sidebar
iMovie Slick Transitions Tutorial - Main
Sometimes you need to hear things more than you need to see them.
This can be a tough concept to control when editing movies, but iMovie has a simple solution to this particular problem. A great example of when this situation can arise is when someone in one clip is referencing the thing you are about to show in the next clip. So, rather than have a gap in the movie as you wait for the next clip and the necessary transition to catch up with what’s being said, why not have the audio from the first clip run over and into the clip that shows the subject of the conversation. This is a trick that’s used all of the time in the movies; it adds continuity to a production and shows that a little craft has gone into your home movie. The process is really easy, and in typical Apple fashion you’ll have the technique perfected in no time at all. Here’s how.

iMovie Slick Transitions Tutorial - Step By StepiMovie Slick Transitions Tutorial - Step 1

Step 1: Show the audio
Use this button to show the audio waveforms for each of the clips in your project. The audio will appear underneath each of the clips The visual aid will help you judge the start and end of speech.

iMovie Slick Transitions Tutorial - Step 2

Step 2: Detach it
Now, from the iMovie menu at the very top of your screen, select the Clip drop-down menu and then choose Detach Audio. It is only possible to do this on a clip-by-clip basis.