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Create posters on iPad with Phoster – iPad App Tutorial

If you like to be creative on the move, Phoster offers a powerful tool for making great posters and cards on your iPad

Phoster Information Panel
Phoster for iPad
The iPad has become a huge part of many people’s lives, and for some has now replaced a laptop entirely.
It’s a great way to browse, surf and create on the move, and there’s an ever-growing number of apps that can help you do this. Phoster is a great, simple and intuitive way of creating posters, invites and cards right on your iPad.
Normally when you want to create a poster or ad, the process of adding the various components and images takes a great deal of time. But now you can forget all of that outdated ‘mouse and keyboard’ nonsense and starting using your fingers. In Phoster, creating a professional-looking finished product is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can choose from one of the 66 free templates, all of which offer a distinct and different feel, and from there you can either edit everything or simply add your own photo and text. Either way, the build of the templates and quality of the app will ensure it’ll look fantastic.
Building and sharing great-looking posters and cards has never been so easy and once you get to grips with the power of the software, you can use it to edit and add layers to your photos in an incredibly individual way. And the process for creating these masterpieces couldn’t be easier…Header BarStep 1

1: Get creative
As you create more posters they’ll be added to your gallery, but for now tap Create New. You’ll notice the Flickr button at the bottom – you can connect to Flickr from within the app to share your posters.Step 2

2: Choose a template
There are plenty of templates, each with a different feel. Find one you like; if you see some you might want to use later, hold your finger on them and click the little star to add them to your favourites.Step 3

3: Photogenic
When you’ve got a template you like, you’ll need to choose a photo to put in the background. You can either press the Import button or tap anywhere on the green background to bring up this menu.Step 4

4: Play with the settings
When you’ve added a photo, you can alter the settings to make it fit with the look and feel of your poster. You can also rotate and resize the photo using two-finger gestures to get it just right.Step 5

5: Font colours
You can now work on making the rest of the poster look right. When you press on the text, you can change its colour from the menu; holding down your finger on the text will let you drag it around.Step 6

6: Fonts
You can also easily change the font. There are default settings for each theme, but switching to a different look is as simple as pressing on the font you want. It’s quick too, so you can experiment.Step 7

7: Thematic
You can apply a filter to your finished poster to give it a really distinctive look. There are crinkled and folded paper options, as well as several pop-art- style overlays to help your poster really stand out.Step 8

8: Now printing
When you’ve finished your poster and applied a filter, you can go to print. There will be a short delay while your poster is rendered, and in the meantime you will see this screen displayed.Step 9

9: Save or share
You can review your poster before sharing or saving it. If you want to change anything you can press Back, but if you want it to go into your gallery you need to press Save or it will be lost forever!