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Create great iPhone movies with a mobislyder – I Want One of These

Want to shoot perfect tracking shots on your iPhone? Then check out the mobislyder - an ultra portable, lightweight glide track that's sure to enhance any home movie.

iPhone on the mobislyder
The mobislyder - making those super cool tracking shots happen

Now the iPhone 4S shoots in glorious 1080p HD video (that’s the same resolution you get on your Blu-rays), there’s no excuse not to get out and start shooting everything from impromptu shorts to full-length epics on it. What’s more, there’s a whole host of awesome accessories and add-ons coming out, ready to make your iPhone movies that little bit more awesome.

Despite this, the hardest thing to get right with any iPhone movie is a steady shot. Sure, the built-in stabilising features help, and you could grab yourself a (very, very handy) Glif and a tripod and get some super steady static shots, but what if you wan to have a tracking shot (you know, the one where the camera moves along from left to right, up or down or back to front)? Then the mobislyder might be for you.

Made by the awesome people at Glidetrack (who happen to know a thing or two about making a good tracking shot), the mobislyder is a bright, light and easy-to-use iPhone camera dolly, ideal for those super subtle but super awesome tracking shots that make all the difference to the very best films. As well as a mobile device mount (meaning you can attach other phones or mobile video camera if you like, but who’d want to do that?) the mobislyde comes with a few more, ultra flexible mounts, meaning you’ll have no trouble getting an ideal shot.

Still not convinced? Check out mobislyde’s promo video. If that doesn’t impress you, nothing well.

[vimeo width=”610″ height=”343″][/vimeo]

The mobislyder is currently on offer at a pre-order price of just £99 ($135) from Amazon, and with it shipping in little under a week (12/12/11), there’s no time like the present to pick up this great little glide track and start creating your own pieces of cinematic history.