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How to create and share an iPhoto slideshow – Tutorial

Compile your best snaps into a cool video in just a couple of clicks

Despite our love for the humble photograph, sometimes it’s much nicer to stitch your snaps together into a slideshow so they can be viewed as a single unit, whether that unit is a collection of your best snaps or an overview of a trip or event.
Luckily, for Mac users, creating a slideshow is simplicity itself. iPhoto does all the legwork, all you need do is tell it which photos to use. There are a range of themes and you can add your own music and text too, all in a couple of minutes. Music choice is of particular importance as it provides an instant mood and helps take the viewer on an emotive journey. When you’re finished creating, you can easily export so the video can be sent to friends, shared online or simply watched on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. So why not take those great photos that you’ve been meaning to do something with and turn them into the ultimate cool keepsake?

1: Select and create
Select the pictures you want to appear in the slideshow. Use the Shift/Command key to select more than one image. Click the Create button.

2: Pick it, name it
Click the Slideshow option and then name your new project on the left-hand side of the interface. This will update the opening text of the slideshow.

3: Rename, or not
You can rename the slideshow on the title screen if you want; it is possible to add text titles later on in the slideshow, using the Text button at the bottom.

4: Order it
The order of pictures in the slideshow appears at the top of the interface. You can drag and drop photos into the order you want at any time.

5: Roll over
Click the Themes button (at the bottom) and this menu will appear. Roll your mouse over a theme to see how it plays out. Pick one and click Choose.

6: Music
It will take a while to upload your photos, depending on your internet speed. You’ll see a ‘Pending…’ bar at the top right. You can click the cross to cancel.

7: More to change
This window appears when you click the Settings button. Here you can alter how the slideshow will play and how long slides will play for.

8: Text it
Add a text slide at any time. You are limited slightly by the themes that you are using, but there is ample opportunity to get your point across.

9: Export
When you are happy with your slideshow, use the Export button to reveal this menu. Tick the choices that apply and then hit the Export button.

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