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Create and send a party invitation in Pages – iLife Tutorial

Use pages to create and send a perfect New Year part invitation via email to all of your friends. We'll show you the tips and tricks to get the best results.

1-hour intermediate tutorial
Pages Party Invite Tutorial
Traditional methods of sending out party invitations are slowly being replaced by the rapid developments in digital technology.
Pages offers several very simple ways to send out your projects digitally, yet securely, to your friends and family using email. One of the best things about Pages is its ability to integrate with alternative platforms, so it won’t even matter if your friends still use Microsoft Office instead of iWork, or if they operate a PC as opposed to a Mac; everyone will be able to view your project in exactly the same format as you designed it, including typography, colour and images. Follow these simple steps to find out exactly how to do it.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step-by-Step

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step1

Step 1: Choose a template
First choose a suitable template. Our template is poster format, so we’re going to take the elements that we like and use them on an invite template.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step2

Step 2: Copy
Click on the elements that you want to use and select Copy from the Edit menu. Go to File and select ‘New from Template Chooser’.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step3

Step 3: Invitation
Select an Invitation template. Delete the standing elements, go to Edit and select Paste. Shift the elements around until they fit well within the page.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step4

Step 4: Edit and Share
Edit the text and the images until you’re happy with your invite. Head up to the Share drop-down menu and select ‘Send via Mail’ and then PDF.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step5

Step 5: Mail
Mail will automatically open with the PDF of your invite already attached. All you need to do is add the email addresses of your recipients.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step6

Step 6: Printing
To send your invites by the traditional method, print and trim them to size using a metal rule and a craft knife. Mount on card for a more professional look.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step7

Step 7:
Head to the top of the interface and tap the Share icon at the top of the interface to share your invite securely online using

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step8

Step 8: Share with viewers
Select the option ‘Share with viewers’. Add an email address to the Viewers field and it will send them a link to the uploaded invite.

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Step9

Step 9: Viewing the invite
Your viewers can view the invite exactly as it was designed online and can even leave notes for you – a perfect way to get RSVPs.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

Pages Party Invite Tutorial - Annotated