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Create a website with Mozilla Webmaker

Use Webmaker to design websites without having to fiddle about with code.

Mozilla’s Webmaker project started in 2012, offering a range of web-based tools for creating websites. Unlike the Thimble tool, which teaches webpage coding with HTML and CSS, the new

Android app enables you to design simple sites via a graphical interface. As such, it offers a very shallow learning curve.

However, it comes with some serious limitations. The main drawback is that you can’t include any links to external content or pages, only internal.

The app’s Discover tab features a selection of example projects made by other users, but sadly there’s no search option. Still, the highlighted projects give a good example of what can be achieved using Webmaker, ranging from tutorials to a virtual art gallery. We even managed to create a very basic adventure game.

Switching to the Make tab to create your own project (or remix an existing one), you’re presented with a plan of the site. A blank homepage in the middle is surrounded by + signs to add more pages. Adjoining pages are navigated to by tapping arrows on the edges of the current one.

Alternatively, you can add a button link to a page. If you only want the latter, we found a

workaround by creating distant destination pages, then deleting the pages in between.

Any of three element types can be added to a page: text, photos and buttons. Each element can be tweaked by tapping it to select, then hitting the paintbrush icon. Sadly, there are only three fonts available, but you can select any shade from a palette. Photos have optional borders, while buttons can be rounded and it’s a cinch to select a link destination from the site plan.

What we have here is a simple tool for creating simple sites on your Android device that are hosted by Webmaker. It’s fun as an introduction to the topic, but no substitute for a proper CMS like WordPress.