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Create a movie poster in Pages

Replicate Hollywood designs and learn how to produce your own high-class movie poster

There’s no business like show business, or so they tell us, so this issue we thought we’d have a go at producing our very own movie poster in Pages. The app is so flexible it suits almost all purposes from practical to magical, whether you’re creating a business report with charts and graphs, or something more visually striking such as a concert poster or book cover, Pages is the perfect software for the job.

To create a movie poster you’ll first need to formulate an idea of what you want to achieve. Do a little research online looking at what already exists, paying close attention to assets such as fonts, colour palettes, images and tag lines. Try sketching out a few ideas on paper and keep them at hand as you load up Pages.

Step 1

1 Picture perfect

To start, open up iPhoto and select a couple of images you might like to use in your poster. Load them into the Edit suite and tinker with them until they shine with professionalism.

Step 2

2 Choose a template

Open Pages and from the File menu opt for New from the Template Chooser. If you’re feeling brave start with a blank canvas, otherwise select Movie Poster Large from the template list.

Step 3

3 Lay out your tools

With the canvas on the left-hand side, open up your tools on the right: Inspector, Media, Colors and Fonts. In the Media box locate the images you’ve worked on in iPhoto.

Step 4

4 Drag and drop

Grab the image you wish to use and drag and drop it onto the placeholder picture on the template. Then you can use the Edit Mask feature to alter the scale of the picture.

Step 5

5 Fill in and around

Create like-coloured boxes above, below or around your image, so that you can add text on top later. Head to Shapes, pick square/rectangle and use Fill to colour match it to the image.

Step 6

6 Send to Back

Move this coloured box into place and place your text, such as the movie title, on top. With the box selected head to Arrange and pick Send to Back (Shift+Cmd+B).

Step 7

7 Fun with fonts

It’s really important for overall cohesion to ensure the font suits the theme of the movie, so consider whether it needs a romantic, scary, humorous, serious or vintage font for example.

Step 8

8 Colour and continue

Pick a colour that also matches the theme and title of the movie using the Colors tab. Create text boxes fast by selecting a text box and using Cmd+C and Cmd+V. Move and edit as needed.

Step 9

9 Save, send and share

Once you’re happy, save it; press Cmd+S or File>Save. Then to send it to others, all you need to do is head to Share and pick from the relevant options to post your poster.