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Crank up speaker audio quality

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Beats Audio quality on your Android device? Well now you can, sort of.

Top mod AwesomeBEATS adds extra controls and boosts to your rooted device’s audio settings, letting you make the most of the audio options of Android. It’s a slightly fiddly process to get it installed though, and you’ll need a couple of apps and processes installed before you even get started to make it work. First off you’ll need a rooted device, and you’ll need to know what ROM you’re running as well. You won’t need a computer to work your way through this tutorial, but you should be pretty confident about what you’re doing when it comes to playing around with rooted devices, as we’re going to be poking around with the Linux-based innards of your phone or tablet using Terminal Emulator.

We ran the tutorial on a Nexus 7 (2012) rooted with WugFresh ( and didn’t hit any major snags, but if you don’t know how to recover and restore your rooted phone, it might be best to get to grips with that before you try this. If you’re using a Nexus as well, get pro tips on restoring on page 40. When you’re ready, load up the Play store on your phone or tablet and we can start installing all the extra bits and bobs we need before we start installing AwesomeBEATS.

awesomeBEATS 1

































1. Get BusyBox busy

The first app you’re going to need installed to your device is called BusyBox. You can get a free or premium version from the Play store ( Once it’s installed on your device, check that it’s up to date by opening the app. You’ll need the latest version of BusyBox for this tutorial.


awesomeBEATS 2

2. Get an emulator

You’ll also need to have Terminal Emulator installed. This app lets you access your Android’s built-in Linux command-line shell. It’s available from the Google Play Store. It’s free to download, so grab it. Once it’s loaded up on your device you’re all set to start installing AwesomeBEATS.


awesomeBEATS main

3. Download the ZIP

Now you need to download the ZIP file containing AwesomeBEATS. Head on over to this URL ( and download the file. Make sure that you remember where you have saved the ZIP file, because you’re going to have to flash it to your device in the not too distant future.


awesomeBEATS 4

4. Restart in Recovery

Now you need to restart your device in recovery mode. We’re going to flash the AwesomeBEATS.apk from the ZIP you just downloaded. There are a variety of different bootloaders, so it’s best that you’re familiar with the program on your device and how it works.


awesomeBEATS 5

5. Choose your ROM

One step in the flashing process will ask you what ROM you’re using. It’s important that you make the right choice here otherwise it’s likely that the installation won’t work. Once you restart the system, you should see an AwesomeBEATS app icon in your app drawer.


awesomeBEATS 6


6. Enter the Linux

We’re not done yet though. The app might be installed but we will need to mount it to the system. We will do this by using the Terminal Emulator that we downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial. Now’s the time to go to your app drawer, find the Terminal Emulator app and start it up so that we can use the terminal.


awesomeBEATS 7

7. Get SU access

When the terminal comes up, you will need to gain superuser permission from it. Wait a moment so that everything is loaded and then when you see the chunky cursor, type in SU and push the Enter key. A notification should
now flash up telling you that you’ve now got access.


awesomeBEATS 8


8. Mount the app

Now you need to tell the system what it actually needs to mount. Simply type in awesome and then push the Enter key. It might take a while but a series of commands will then proceed to flash up on the terminal. After about a minute of waiting the app should be mounted onto the system.


awesomeBEATS 9


9. Reboot

Last but not least you will need to reboot the system from within the terminal for the changes to take place. All you need to to do is type in reboot and then push the Enter key. This will reboot your system, and after a while you should be taken back to your home screen as per usual.


awesomeBEATS 10

10. Drop some beats

Head back to your app drawer and go into the AwesomeBEATS app. Now you can start tweaking around with your audio settings to get some impressive sounds out of your device. Just make sure you enable the app for different settings using the check boxes.