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Accessory Review – Core Case Aluminium Slider

Manufacturer: Core Cases
Price: From $25

The iPod touch is a very slim device, and the one thing you don’t want to do when you buy a case for it is to lose the design to some massive, bulky piece of plastic or rubber. That’s probably why Core Cases is having such success with its Aluminium range. The lightweight metal obviously has the right properties for electronic protection, otherwise Apple wouldn’t be using it to build everything possible. This slider case from Core is extremely thin, and having been built using the metal of the moment it’s also extremely sturdy. The clue to how it fits onto the iPod touch is in its name: it slides from top to bottom over the back piece, which you place the iPod into. Fear not, inside the case there is a protective EVA foam interior that not only stops any scratching to your touch, but acts as a shock absorber too. With the case on you have full access to all the buttons and ports on the iPod – although you won’t be able to dock the iPod into your stereo with the case on. The Aluminium Slider also comes with a free screen protector (we find this a bit of a silly way to phrase it as touch screen cases should come as standard with a screen protector, but at least it’s there now). You can pick this case up in three colours: black, silver and a very funky purple. If you want a slim case to protect and enhance your iPod touch then this is definitely worth consideration, especially as its very competitively priced. A good looking, well made product.

Practicality: 7.6

Design: 8.4

Value for money: 6.0

Features: 6.9

Durability: 9.9

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.4