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Competition: FULL-DISKfighter for Mac

Exclusive iCreate giveaway - 10 copies of FULL-DISKfighter for Mac to be won.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll have updated to Mavericks, gotten hold of all the new iLife and iWork apps, and then decided that it’s about time for a good clear-out. Whether it’s bulging caches, duplicated files or legacies from old apps, we’ve all got a raft of stuff on our Macs that is just taking up space and contributing to system slow-down.

So we’ve teamed up with the good folks at SPAMfighter to bring you an exclusive offer – enter this competition for a chance to win a free copy of FULL-DISKfighter for Mac. We have 10 to give away! All you need to do is read about this great piece of software and then answer the simple question below. The competition closes at the end of this month (Saturday 30th November).



There are five main tools inside this cleaning utility. When you boot it up, they will each run their scans and then show you how much space you can save by removing the files that they’ve flagged up. Simply click on each utility to see the full breakdown and then remove things as desired. Easy.

To run FULL-DISfighter, you will need to have OS X Leopard or better installed on your Mac, as well as 512MB of RAM and at least 25MB of available storage space. Here’s what it can do:


Junk Scanner

Cleans your Mac of unneeded files, like logs and caches, and also empties out junk like your Trash files or the remnants of old apps.

Language Scanner

This collects all of the language files that you have installed with the various apps on your Mac, displaying them per language so you can uninstall them en masse.

Application Scanner

You can reduce the size of your applications by using this tool to slim down their binary files.

Duplicate Finder

Whether you’ve got redundant downloads or duplicated tracks in your mp3 library, this tool will deal with the doppelgangers.

Files Finder

This part of the suite gives you a snapshot of your Mac’s drive(s), providing an overview of the file types and sizes and also allowing you to delete files.


For more info on FULL-DISKfighter, or to grab yourself a sneak preview of the full app we’ve got on offer here by downloading the trial version, head over to


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