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Combine Android Wear and iPhone

Get your devices working cross-platform - no hacking required!

Combine Android Wear and iPhone

Combine Android Wear and iPhone

One of the major problems in the ongoing battle between Apple and Android is the lack of cross-platform integration. Once you’ve committed to one operating system, it becomes very difficult to move over as so much of your data, such as your music and photos, refuses to transfer across to the rival platform. Wearables have added another dimension to this issue as an iPhone user may want an Android smartwatch, but then they would not be able to use it with their phone. However, iPhone users can now use some basic functions on their Android Wear device thanks to two new apps. This tutorial will require you to use both an Android and Apple handset in the setup, but after that your smartwatch should be able to sync up with either of your phones.

This tutorial will show you how to use both the BLE Utility app and the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app in order to turn your Android-only smartwatch into a device that can work with both Android and Apple handsets, giving you many more interesting options for your smartwatch.


Download Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS onto your Android phone. It will appear as Aerlink on your handset and smartwatch. Download BLE Utility on an iPhone. The links are above. You should already have the Android Wear app downloaded and your watch synced with your Android phone. Next, tap on the watch’s homescreen where you will see the Aerlink app. Click the app. On the next screen, you will see a toggle for iOS Service. The slider will be grey; tap it to turn it blue. Your phone will now be able to see and pair with Apple handsets via Bluetooth.


BLE Utility finds devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy. Without this, the iPhone still couldn’t locate the watch. Once the app has loaded, tap on Peripheral. This is where the watch will appear. Once you had moved the slider, the watch should have told you it had disconnected – this is part of the plan. Tap the magnifying glass icon and it will search for compatible devices to pair with. When the watch and the phone find each other, this box should appear. Look on the watch’s screen for the code then type in the vacant box. Pairing with an Android phone is a bit simpler.