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CleanMyMac Review

Is CleanMyMac the ultimate utility for Mac users? We put it to the test and find out how well this app can really clean the clutter and mess on your Machine.

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£24.99/$29.99 (Lifetime edition)

CleanMyMac is an indispensable tool for Mac users who want an app that can quickly carry out maintenance as well as offering some additional utilities for getting shot of unwanted elements. CleanMyMac is a one-stop shop for eliminating unneeded files as well as uninstalling apps safely. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the software is that it lets you see where all of the files have come from before easily opting in or out of each.

There are six main areas the app looks to clean. The first is Caches. These build up regularly over time and can clog up valuable space. Logs are similarly always filling up so need cleaning on a regular basis. Languages and universal binaries are less regular in their appearance, however first-time CleanMyMac users will find a great deal of both of these from old apps and from OS X itself. As new apps are installed so is the odd unneeded language file or universal binary and so you could see reclaimed space from here over time.

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System junk and Trashes & Leftovers are two more sections that see frequent buildup and can hold mountains of unwanted data. Seeing these fill up and get deleted is strangely satisfying.

The CleanMyMac interface is simple to navigate with information easy to decipher and the decision to keep or omit files made by classic tickboxes. The other main controls come in the form of a Scan button which activates the process and a Clean button available once a scan is complete.

We have used this app for some time and are constantly impressed at how it manages to free up valuable space on our drives. The Utilities section at the bottom of the interface offers some more bespoke cleaning like managing extensions, uninstalling apps and quickly erasing files. These are great because they are tasks that can be done manually but that always leave leftover elements in odd file directories. The clearest example of this is uninstalling apps. When an app is installed it places all the files it needs in different directories. You can uninstall the app by trashing it from the Applications folder but this won’t reach out and grab all those affiliated files, while CleanMyMac does. All in all this is an extremely comprehensive app that no Mac user should be without.

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