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CleanMyMac 2 review: Get a faster Mac today

Save space on your Mac and speed up OS X by using this cleaning tool to remove junk files

CleanMyMac 2


Key features

Clean up everything

You can scan every major part of your Mac and its operating system, from system settings to large and outdated files.

Clean everything

Fix bloated libraries

Some application libraries can grow too large to manage. You can now remove unnecessary files from iPhoto and others.

Fix bloated libraries

Schedule your scans

Scans can be scheduled to initiate or remind you at specified intervals to make sure your Mac runs as efficiently as possibly.

Schedule scans

CleanMyMac 2
No matter how advanced your Mac is and how much space you have, time will eventually take its toll and slow it down. No computer can run smoothly forever and even if speed is not a problem, you should ideally maintain it.

CleanMyMac 2 aims to clean up and maintain every important part of your system with minimal fuss, and to also give you full control over how it works. Hidden cache files, app extras that are not required, unnecessary iPhoto library items and trash folders can all be cleaned up with a couple of clicks. Over time, this will ensure that you are only storing what you really need. The ability to dive deeper into the software and specify exactly what you want to remove is present, and the choice is yours as to how precise you want to be when performing a full system clean. In our tests we managed to remove more than 30GB of data from a 500GB drive, which had previously been cleaned by alternative solutions.

CleanMyMac 2The ability to remove individual items from the iPhoto library had a massive impact, and even enabled iPhoto to run much quicker than it did previously due to the bloated library it was trying to work with. Warnings pop up throughout to ensure that you do not mistakenly remove items you may need later, and the UI is so beautifully presented that it is difficult to not understand what is happening at any one time.

The list of features continues with one-click trash removal and a useful feature that enables you to uninstall your apps completely without leaving unnecessary files behind. You can even schedule the cleaning and then let it run in the background, since it does not require too many resources to run apart from needing to close some apps to clean them.

We came to realise that this solution offers the perfect balance between spending hours manually removing files and conflicts, and using more simple apps that concentrate on specific areas. We came to trust it very quickly, and the benefits were immediately obvious with improved performance and more available space. The price is quite high for an app in this genre but it is certainly worth it.

Buy now?

Pros Will save lots of space and is extremely reliable
Cons The price may put off some potential users

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