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Clean Mac, clear mind


Just like all those times your mum told you to tidy your room and you had better things to do, the same is true of maintaining your Mac.

For the third time in as many years, I had the logic board replaced on my iMac and, as a result of frantic hit and miss home repair attempts prior to sending it away, cleared out my HD.

The Mac is now back and I’ve thrown on a spanking new copy of Leopard, replaced my old RAM with two fresh 1Gb sticks and stuck in a new HD boasting an impressive 1TB storage. It’s almost like buying a brand new machine (aside from the fact it’s still only a G5).

The best thing to come from all of this is that I now have a virgin Mac and can do all the things I planned for a rainy weekend that never arrived.

First up, I partitioned the drive: essential apps and OS X on one side, everything else on the other. Then I added only the apps I know I will use. All the odd downloads of the last year or so are no longer clogging things up. Time Machine comes next, start from scratch and never worry again. MobileMe sync, a couple of drivers and we’re good to go.

It feels different every time I sit in front of that old iMac now. It’s perfectly synced with my other Macs, the bookmarks and contacts transferred perfectly from MobileMe, the hard drive is still virtually empty and there’s a definite spring to its formerly begrudging responses. 

I’m now looking forward to kicking off some new projects in iLife as much as I was when iLife ’08 arrived. 

It’s empowering, exciting and inspirational, and I recommend you do the same. That old Mac you’re losing faith in might just become your new best friend.