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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Smart pet tech for your clever boy

Treat the pet (or pet lover) in your life with these high-tech toys

Let the dog throw their own ball


Sure, you can stand in a wet field in the pouring rain, chucking a drool-sodden tennis ball great distances with a bog-standard launcher in the hope your pet pooch will take that little bit longer to bring it back. But with the iFetch, it’s possible to take comfortable shelter under a tree and let your best friend do its own thing. Pop balls into the device and it will launch them up to 30 feet. But you can also train your dog to return it to iFetch’s funnel and it will automatically launch it again. And again. Ad infinitum. Leaving your hands free to clasp around a nice warm coffee.

iFetch £90 | $115 |

Watch your pet while you work


It’s easy to feel guilty about leaving a pet at home but with the Petzi, it’s you can stay in touch with them whererever you are. Filled with treats and incorporating a camera, it allows owners to see what a pet is up to, offer soothing words and press a button on its app to shoot out some food.

£135 | $170 |

Solve puzzles to unlock treats


People overfeeding  their pets is a growing problem, so why  fill the Foobler’s six compartments with tasty treats? To force your pal to work for its rewards, that’s why. When the bell chimes, dogs are alerted to the potential for yummy delights but they have to play with the ball and roll it around to get the food to drop out.

£25 | $30 |

Entertain your pets with a remote-controlled laser


Not only does this smart looking 138-degree camera let you check in on your pets by streaming 720p video to your phone, it also beams out a laser so you can play with your furry friends too. It notifies you when it detects motion and sound and a two-way radio lets you talk to your pet and listen to their response.

£115 | $150 |

Get your dog healthy with this pet-friendly Fitbit


We may be living in a world that’s obsessed with tracking how many steps we’re taking each day but we’re sure lazy pets would benefit from such measures too. Pitpat fits onto a dog collar and links to an app allowing owners to keep a check on a pet’s activity, rest and play. It’s even possible to set goals.

£40 | $50 |

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