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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Petrol Heads

Put a bit of 'Vroom' into someone's life with these gifts

Garmin BC 30 wireless reversing camera


There’s always a risk of an accident when reversing a car and it’s never quite clear who is to blame if there is a collision. Garmin’s wireless reversing camera will make a great present for anyone who has trouble going backwards, steaming 640 x 480 footage of what’s behind the vehicle to a GPS navigator’s display up front. Placing it vertically gives a 115-degree camera angle while positioning it horizontally increases the vision to 140 degrees. Having it professionally installed means it can be wired to the rear lights, kicking it into action whenever the car is shifted into reverse. Best of all, it can also cope with the harshest of weathers.
£135 | $170 |




Some of the best videos on YouTube have been filmed on a dashcam, showing some of the less savoury comings and goings on our roads. But that’s not their primary use – they’re particularly good at proving that you’re not at fault in accidents and helping to lower premiums. Lyfelens moves things on apace by using sound, motion and impact sensors to capture video and inform you of thefts, hit-and-runs and break-ins. It has real-time speed and location notifications and it streams footage to an iOS and Android smartphone, storing the videos in the cloud should you need to access it later. Since it incorporates 4G, it can also be used as a handy Wi-Fi hotspot.
£190 | $250 |


Pioneer AVH-X8700BT

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This seven-inch multi-touch screen brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to any vehicle, opening up a world of in-car entertainment. Whether it’s needed for maps, live traffic information, music or messages it will provide information to your peepers without being distracting, and since it incorporating a CD and DVD player, it should liven up any journey for both the driver and passengers. But are we nearly there yet? Not quite. This box of tricks also allows for a non-stop mix of a music library and it can be connected to amps, speakers or subs. With connectivity options for your phone and inputs for a rear camera, it’s very much the perfect
on-the-move hub.
£500 | $650 |


Automatic Pro


Most cars produced since 1996 will have a OBD-11 data port which gathers information about the journeys being made. It will log fuel consumption guzzled, the miles covered and driving performance. But how do you access that data? With a device such as Automatic Pro, which plugs into the port and turns dumb vehicles into smart cars. Automatic lets you see the information being compiled on an online dashboard. Journeys are visually mapped and there’s information on any hard braking, speeding and hard acceleration. What marks Automatic out further is that it allows access to a host of apps that delivers stats and connect up to a wider internet of things.£100 | $130 |


Hudway glass


Using a smartphone to navigate while driving does have its perils – and we’re not talking about the potential of a map taking you off the edge of a cliff. Constantly looking at a screen to ensure you’re heading in the right direction is distracting so praise the lords of Hudway Glass for a device that turns transforms the windscreen into a augmented reality display. Pop a smartphone face-up on this clever gadget and it will project the screen on to transparent glass while enlarging the picture by 20 per cent. It even provides a speedometer, allowing drivers to keep staring straight ahead. There’s a free Hudway Glass app, too.
£60 | $80 |


911 Soundbar from Porsche Design


Built from the silencer and tailpipes of a Porsche 911 GT3, this soundbar outputs at 200 watt and offers 2.1 virtual surround sound, a Bluetooth interface for easy-pairing and a lip sync function so that what you see and hear on TV is always perfect. With a subwoofer output for a boost in bass and a built-in LED display and remote control, it certainly takes TV viewing up
a gear.
£2,400 | $3,200 |


Pure Highway 600


You can’t listen to BBC 6 Music on a FM in-car radio but there is a way of slipping an old vehicle into the fast lane when it comes to entertainment. Highway 600 is an adapter that opens up DAB, Bluetooth music and hands- free calling to all. It has Spotify control and access to Siri or OK Google.
£150 | $195 |


Scuderia Ferrari Fragrance Case


Excuse us while we put on the brakes. A phone case, you say? Filled with fragrance? Yes, and yes as it happens but, hey, that’s Ferrari for you. This sleek red or black case fits on to the back of a phone and comes with an opening for a 25ml of Scuderia Ferrari fragrance. Smells good to us.
£30 | $40 |


TomTom Vi0


This brilliant round- displayed satnav is designed for scooters and it works via Bluetooth in conjunction with the TomTom VIO app. Streaming road information from the handset and dishing out turn-by-turn audio navigation, it’ll tip off riders to upcoming speed cameras and alternatives to heavy traffic routes.
£150 | $195 |

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