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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Master Chefs

Cooking and baking has never been so easy with these pieces of tech


Tefal Cuisine Companion


The Cuisine Companion takes care of the entire cooking process for you, but you’ll still need to do the dishes. It not only preps your food for you, but also set itself automatic cooking times and temperatures to make sure you get a tasty meal every time. Its 4.5-litre bowl caters for up to six people, so it’s an ideal accessory for most family kitchens, while the onboard control system allows for seamless switching between different cooking modes. Of course, you can also go manual and set your own timings, but why even bother if it can do the work for you?
£700 | $935 |


Smeg Stand Mixer


This is regarded as one of the premier kitchen accessory manufacturers in the world, so it’s no wonder that its Stand Mixer is so sought after. It’s constructed from a rigid die-cast aluminium, while the 4.8-litre bowl is made from stainless steel. The added weight helps aid the stability of the mixer when used in one of the higher echelons of its ten- speed system. The detachable head allows users to customise their Smeg Stand Mixer, with four different whisks, hooks and beaters all bundled in. Users can also implement a pasta roller and cutter set to the front of the mixer.
£300 | $400 |




Takeaway pizza is tasty, but it’s also packed full of grease and loaded with fat content. Thanks to the Roccbox, though, it’s now possible to recreate authentic, healthy pizza in seconds. As far as stone-bake ovens are concerned, Roccbox is one of the smallest around, and is light enough to be taken to any party, or camping trip you’re going on. Where it starts getting impressive, is that both wood and gas burners are capable of reaching 500 Celsius in just 15 minutes, the ideal temperature for getting that perfect crisp. You can then cook your pizza in less than two minutes. For it to work, Roccbox is constructed of multiple steel layers, which has an internal stone floor that absorbs heat and helps give the pizza that crisp finish. The rear-based thermal elements then begin to radiate heat, creating a rolling flame effect that makes sure the whole oven is suitable covered and cooks toppings to perfection. A simplified temperature gauge is on hand to make sure you’re cooking at the correct temperature, and there’s a switch system to go between wood and gas burning.
£400 | $520 |


iGrill 2


This Bluetooth-enabled thermostat comes with two iGrill Meat Probes that are pierced into different areas of the meat. Instant temperature readings are then sent to the accompanying tracker, or to your smartphone via the iGrill app. For serious meat lovers, additional Meat Probes can be attached to make sure you’re getting the perfect cook throughout your grilled meat.
£75 | $100 |


Anova Precision Cooker


Simply attach the Precision Cook to any cooking pot with the adjustable clamp and get instant readings on cooking temperatures, guaranteeing you’ll never overcook again. An onboard programmable timer can be used to automate the cooking process, which in turn will let you know when it’s time to eat via app notification sent to your smartphone.
£170 | $300 |


Nespresso Prodigio


The Prodigio is Nespresso’s first foray into smart coffee machines, and it’s the perfect way to kick-start your day. Through the Nespresso app, users can brew up their perfect coffee from the comfort of their smartphone, schedule brew times, manage water temperatures and even froth their own milk. The 19-bar high-pressure pump will make sure you get a great tasting espresso every time.
£160 | $200 |

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