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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Budding Photographers

Gifts that photographers are guaranteed to snap up

Olympus Pen-F


Olympus’ recently launched Pen F camera is not entirely new. Rewind to 1963 and you’ll have found the same make in a similar-ish style, albeit as a half-frame 35mm single-lens reflex capable of squeezing 70 photos on a roll of 135 film. Today the Pen F is entirely digital and it looks so good, that you may want to get someone another camera just so they can take photos of this one and send them back to you. It has the timeless styling made famous in the Sixties, particularly if you choose the silver and black model. But this cam is about more than mere aesthetics. It boasts an impressive 2.36 million dot OLED electronic viewfinder and it also has a 20MP Four Thirds sensor. Capable of shooting at 50MP in JPEG and 80MP in Raw mode, it takes full-HD 1080p video and benefits from five-axis In-Body Image Stabilisation. It can also take perfect black-and-white shots with lots of control over the tones. Images can also be well composed in even the brightest sunlight. There’s no doubt that it’s a premium camera, although the high price tells you as much. In return for your readies, you’re only getting the body – you have to add the lenses in order to create the perfect system. So it’s a matter of figuring what a photo buff is looking for from their images when you’re buying it.
£1,000 | $1,200 |





Selfie sticks are all well and good but they only have so much range and they also tend to just snap your visage over and over again. For more compelling footage, try the Hexo+ drone which follows you around while it gathers its perfectly- framed aerial shots. All you have to do is pick a camera movement on your smartphone and it will take off by itself, hovering until you move before flying above you and deciding when’s best to land.
£820 | $1,000 |


LG 360 CAM


Rather than just photograph what it’s front of it, the LG 360 CAM has eyes in the back of its head. It’s fitted with two wide-angle, 13 million pixel lenses and these allow it take 360-degree images and shoot all-round 2K video. It’s easy to use, thanks to the device having just a single shutter button and the availability of an intuitive app. What’s more, it not only syncs to your computer, it lets you directly publish to YouTube and Google Street View.
£150 | $200 |


Impossible Project I-1


Polaroid cameras would instantly spit out photos mere seconds after you’d taken them, saving you a trip to the chemist to have the film developed. The Impossible Project I-1 resurrects those memories, albeit with a few modern twists and no need to shake the photos it spews. Using apps, it’s possible to add creative effects to photos and trigger the camera remotely. The camera also has a ring flash that adapts to the environment.
£295 | $350 |



Bitplay Snap Pro


Smartphones can take eye- popping pics just as well as a dedicated camera but they still don’t feel quite right in your hand. Snap this case on an iPhone 6 or 6S, though, and you’ll transform it into the perfect snapper. As well as being accompanied by a free app, it adds a physical shutter button and lenses while affording you a better grip. It also slips well on to a tripod and survives being dropped.
£45 | $60 |


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