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Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Big Kids

High-tech gear to make your inner child squeal


Anki Overdrive with Super Trucks

A top-down view of the Anki-Overdrive race track with a section of track pull away and two cars doing a lap. Shot on white in the studio

Taking the principles of Scalextric and giving it a modern twist, Anki Overdrive has turned a corner when it comes to miniature racing. After assembling the track, the action switches to the app which lets you engage in different race modes from a full-on campaign to battles. There’s loads of weapons and ways of levelling up your vehicles but the new addition this year is Super Trucks, which give you vehicles three times the size of the cars as well as a new takeover mode.
£TBC | $TBC |


Ubtech Alpha 1S


Who wouldn’t want their very own pet robot – especially one that can be fully programmed to take advantage of its 16 servo joints and that can move with high precision? Standing at close to 16 inches tall, Alpha 1S is a beautiful yet sinister looking thing and while it only has a one-hour battery life, the variety of moves it can be perform will keep anyone entertained for weeks.
£400 | $530 |


Nerf Mega Mastodon


Insert Mega Whistler darts into this blaster’s 24-dart rotating barrel and it will send them firing at breakneck speeds for up to 30 metres while providing satisfying recoil with every shot. It’s a huge battery-powered shooter that should be slung over the shoulder for easier handling and it’s sure to strike fear into your opponent.
£70| $80 |


BB-8 Force Band


Everyone wanted the BB-8 app-controlled drone last Christmas but this time around, it’s all about the force. The Force Band, that is. This wearable device lets you wave your hand to control the BB-8 which makes you feel as if you have the same kinds of power as the heroes in the latest Star Wars movie. It has game modes, too.
£60 | $80 |


WowWee Chip


Anyone who remembers Sony’s expensive AIBO robot dog will have pined for one of their own for the past 16 years. Thankfully Chip is just as cute yet far less costly, allowing you to train and play with it to your heart’s content. It comes with a SmartBand that lets you communicate with your hi-tech pooch, getting it to follow you around or fetch his ball.
£200 | $200 |


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