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Change the key cover photo in iPhoto’s events view – iLifie tutorial

When you create an event for your photos in iPhoto, it automatically selects a cover image, known as a 'key photo'. Here's how to change that all-important image.

iPhoto - Key Photo Tutorial - 2-minute beginner's guide
iPhoto - Key Photo Tutorial
Apple has spent such a huge amount of time making iPhoto look the business that it can be a little bit irritating when you import your photos, view the Events and see a bunch of shots that don’t represent the cool photography you are used to taking.
Or, even worse, the picture shown on the front of the event is the one random blurry effort from a night out or birthday party that you’d really rather stay hidden away among the rest. Luckily there is a really easy way to pick out the very best photograph from your set and have that as the main or key photo when events are on display. It only takes a mere couple of clicks and in no time your Events page will be bursting with the best photos you have ever taken. We show you in these two extremely simple steps how you can get those great snaps to the top of the pile.

iPhoto - Key Photo Tutorial - Step By Step

iPhoto - Key Photo Tutorial - Step 1

Step 1: Enter the event
Double-click into the event you want to change and then right-click on the picture that you wish to make the key photo. Click on the Make Key Photo option.

iPhoto - Key Photo Tutorial - Step 2

Step 2: Return and admire
Return to the Events page in iPhoto and you will see that the picture you selected is now the front cover of that event. You can repeat this step with every event if you wish.