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Certification Program for sysadmin training announced by The Linux Foundation

Groundbreaking program provides virtual examination and accreditation for Linux Foundation Certified System Administrators and Engineers

The Linux Foundation

Following its move to make the hugely popular ‘Introduction to Linux’ Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) available for free to those auditing it via edX, The Linux Foundation is now expanding its drive to train the next generation of Linux professionals with the announcement of a new Certification Program.

The Linux Foundation Certification Program is aimed at both early-career and engineer-level system administrators, with exams and designations for Linux Foundation Certified System Administrators (LFCS) and Linux Foundation Certified Engineers (LFCE).

Examination will take place online using The Linux Foundation’s groundbreaking new system. Course users will be able to take a virtual exam from any location, using their own computer, browser, microphone and web cam at their convenience.

Users will be tested on their ability to solve real problems in the command line, rather than their knowledge of theory or ability to deduce answers to multiple-choice questions. This is a key tenet of the Certification Exams and ensures that the Program will produce system administrators and engineers with a proven ability to work in real-world environments.

To help employers hire the right professionals for their business infrastructure, course users will also be able to choose to take the exam in one of three distros: CentOS, openSUSE or Ubuntu.

Jim Zemlin
Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation, said: “Our mission is to address the demand for Linux that the industry is currently experiencing. We are making our training program and Linux certification more accessible to users worldwide, since talent isn’t confined to one geography or one distribution.”

“Our new Certification Program,” Zemlin continues, “will enable employers to easily identify Linux talent when hiring and uncover the best of the best. We think Linux professionals worldwide will want to proudly showcase their skills through these certifications and that these certificates will become a hallmark of quality throughout our industry.”

The LFCS and LFCE exams cost $300 each, and certification holders will receive a graphical badge to mark the completion of their exam that can be displayed on CVs, personal websites, LinkedIn profiles and more. Carrying the respected authority of the Foundation, these badges will identify the new generation of sysadmins to employers worldwide.

For more information and to sign up for an exam, head to:

For an excellent round-up of the skills required to be a system administrator and some resources to help you acquire them, check out this infographic from The Linux Foundation (click to view full-screen):

Evolution of a Sysadmin