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Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus Eyewear For iPhone Coming This May

zeiss_cinemizer_art_1_front_rgb_72dpi1The team at iPhone Kung Fu are getting very excited about the imminent release of  Carl Zeiss’ Cinemizer Plus for iPhone, the first accessory of its kind to receive the hallowed “Works with iPhone” certification.

Coming this May, Cinemizer turns your sci-fi dreams into reality by placing the video from your iPhone screen onto a slick pair of glasses so you don’t have to worry about holding your iPhone or docking it when watching movies or TV shows. You also receive the added bonus of looking like Robocop.

The eyewear provides cinematic options not yet seen on the iPhone by creating the illusion of a 45-inch display as viewed from two meters away, all from the lightweight headset. The experience is akin to watching a big screen TV from your sofa, although lounging in your underwear with a bowl of cereal on the train is not recommended.

42-17764352The device has its own battery so you wont drain your iPhone before the end of the opening credits and can run for up to four hours without charge. That’s more than enough time to take in a couple of movies or an entire season of a TV show, and would fulfill all your entertainment needs on a short-haul flight.

The Cinimizer Plus will be available for $499 in the US and £399 in the UK and should be hitting shelves by the end of May this year. While we haven’t got our hands on a review model yet, we have tried Carl Zeiss’ previous eyewear offering for iPod. The original Cinemizer delivered on its promises so we have no reason to believe the latest model will be any different. A full review will be available here as soon as we’ve had the chance to sample this exciting new piece of kit. Find out more here: