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Cable TV channels you might not have heard of, but are definitely worth a watch [Sponsored post]

Discover amazing cable TV channels in this special round-up from our sponsors

Virgin Media_WebIf you’re new to the cable TV scene, you may not be up to date with all the amazing channels that are on offer. Instead of being restricted to the usual free-to-air culprits, cable TV gives you the power to choose exactly what you want to watch at your fingertips. Read on for our favourite cable TV channels that aren’t necessarily household names but are definitely worth a look!

Extreme Sports

Unless you happen to love the game, watching hours on end of cricket, football and tennis may not sound all that appealing. Extreme Sports revolutionises the concept of sports TV and offers viewers thrilling coverage of all the latest fast paced sporting action. From surfing and skateboarding to martial arts and kickboxing, this channel is guaranteed to get your pulse racing!

Extreme Sports_Web


Have you ever waited all day for your favourite game show to come on, only for it to all be over in less than an hour? Wait no more with the fantastic Challenge channel which is 100% dedicated to screening game shows galore! Having this channel at your fingertips means that no matter what the time of day, you can tune in and put your brain power to the test. A definite favourite for fun family viewing sessions!



If you’re sick of Friends re-runs and constant news, why not tune into Quest for round the clock stories featuring classic muscle cars, dangerous occupations, extreme travel destinations, exciting science experiments and more? When there’s nothing else on the box that appeals to you, Quest is guaranteed to have you captivated with its schedule of unique shows!


Jewellery Maker

We’ve all heard of the concept of jewellery shopping channels but this one is different in that it sells everything you could possibly need to craft your own beautiful creations!  Rather than have ready-to-wear trinkets delivered to your door, this channel gets the creative juices flowing and could result in some truly unique pieces. 

Jewellery Maker_Web

Food Network

A whole channel dedicated to the art of culinary creations? Yes, you heard right! This channel broadcasts a delectable range of food programmes that will have your mouth watering around the clock. If you’re a budding master chef, investing in one of the fantastic Virgin Media TiVO Packages will help inspire you to cook up a storm! Featuring up to 230 channels, Virgin is overflowing with all the latest in TV entertainment. The innovative TiVo system also works to enhance the viewing experience and ensure that you never miss your favourite cooking show!

Food Network_Web


Are you a self-confessed celebrity buff that just can’t seem to get enough of the lifestyles of the rich and famous? If so you will love the Lifetime channel which offers exclusive documentaries and reality shows following the lives of Hollywood stars, famous figures and members of the royal family. From secrets and scandals to romance and heartbreak, Lifetime covers it all so you can stay up to date with all the goings on of the star studded world.  



So you love all the new stuff but still have a passion for the timeless tunes of the 80s and 90s? If this sounds like you, look no further than Magic which boasts a huge collection of videos covering all the greatest hits from the 80s onwards. Perfect for tuning into at parties or for those times when you feel the urge to dance around the living room with a vacuum cleaner!


The Africa Channel

Who would’ve guessed that there is an entire channel dedicated to showcasing the very best in Africa’s English language shows and TV programmes? If you enjoy a bit of diversity in your TV viewing schedule, this is the perfect channel to tune into. The Africa Channel is available now as part of Virgin Media’s range of affordable packages.

Africa Channel_Web

Colors TV

For those that love the vibrancy, intrigue and excitement of Indian culture, Colors TV is the ideal channel. Offering viewers an extensive range of Indian programmes, the station covers areas such as entertainment, lifestyle, drama and national cinema.

Whether you’re into thrilling sports, brain bending game shows, music extravaganzas or multicultural entertainment, there are some pretty interesting cable TV channels out there to tune into! While they may not be as well-known as networks such as BBC, SKY News and MTV, these unlikely broadcasters are guaranteed to appeal to even the fussiest of TV viewers!

Colors TV_Web