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Bunny Shooter review

Now, shooting bows at bunnies might not be to everyone’s taste, but in the case of Bunny Shooter it offers a great gaming experience available for your Android phone.

The concept is pretty straightforward; take your revenge on the bunnies that have stolen your prized carrots, easy enough to follow. Each level consists of several bunnies, all of which need to be shot with the arrow before you can progress any further. At the moment there is only a handful of levels to complete, which limits the game a considerable amount, but there are plans to offer several expansions soon.

For each arrow, you need to estimate the trajectory, surprisingly difficult if your target is on the other side of the screen. Due to the fact you only have a few arrows at your disposal for each level, you will probably find yourself retrying the same level over-and-over until you find the best route to get rid of all the bunnies. The levels increase in difficulty, and there will be several moments where you need to pause and think of a strategy.

In terms of gaming, is it up to the standards of Angry Bird? Maybe even an Angry Birds beater? Well no, in fact it’s more of an Angry Birds clone. From the cut scenes to the gameplay itself, you’ll constantly find similarities. For those who haven’t actually played Angry Birds, then you’ll find yourself a superb game here, but for those familiar with the series, then you’ll just find Angry Birds, but with bunnies instead.

Bunny Shooter is a well-put together game, that will pass several hours before you get bored. However, the game sadly loses marks for not really trying out any new and original ideas, and for only boasting a measly amount of levels on its release. If you do like Angry Birds, well you’ll get a similar experience with Bunny Shooter, a free download worth checking out.