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Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet – iPad and tablet stand – Review

It might sound like something out a Marvel comic, but Breffo's Spidepodium is actually one of the most flexible iPad stands out there - here's what we thought.

Breffo Spiderpodium
Breffo Spiderpodium - An arachnid that everyone can get on with

Remember the hazy days of school? The smell of chalkboard dust during a sunny afternoon falling asleep at the back of double-Science, the scarring memories of having to wear PE kit from the lost property box, being given a seemingly infinite supply of pipe cleaners to get creative with in Art? It might seem like some time ago but it certainly seems to have had an influence on British-based design studio Breffo and their Spiderpodium range of flexible phone and tablet stands.

Breffo are keen to point out their British manufacturing credentials but they really could just let the product speak for itself as the build quality definitely shines through. Like those pipe cleaners in Art, the Spiderpodium Tablet consists of eight flexible arms that meat in a solid block in the middle that can be bent and shaped in a manner of different ways to make for a highly adaptive iPad stand. The arms and body are coated in a ‘SoftTouch’ rubber ensuring that you iPad is both well-gripped and the glass and aluminium construction is protected from chips and scratches.

Breffo SpiderpodiumIt might sound a bit like child’s play, but there’s a certain art to manipulating your Spiderpodium so that it supports your somewhat weighty tablet evenly and securely, fortunately though, Breffo provide plenty of instructions on their packaging to help you out. There’s even a few uses for the Spiderpodium that you might not have thought of such as mounting to the back of the headrest of your car to keep the kids entertained on a long journey.

In testing we found that the Spiderpodium Tablet did a pretty good job of holding up our new iPad in all manner of poses, once we’d got the knack of positioning its arms in the right places. Sometimes it was a little wobbly, but a few adjustments later and everything seemed far more secure. It’s a small price to play for what ultimately is the most flexible iPad stand out there on the market, and we’re pretty sure it’d be just as useful in the kitchen or the workshop holding up cookery books or DIY manuals.

At £24.95/$34.99, this isn’t the cheapest iPad stand out there, but the build quality is well worth shelling out for. If you’re seeing these cheaper elsewhere, you may well be looking at a fake, so only buy from – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Buy now?

Pros Super-flexible, excellent build quality
Cons Sometimes fiddly to set up perfectly
Rating *****