Break free of PRISM with the EFFs PRISM Break site

Avoid Prism and the NSA with the Electronic Frontier Foundation's guide to maintaining your privacy – comprised of free and open source software

A lot of people have been worried about their privacy since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on American government spying. A list of companies has been made public that allegedly store your data in such a way that allows for the USA’s NSA branch to easily access it. As a reaction to this the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has put together a website with software and service alternatives to help increase your privacy, with a focus on FOSS and Linux.

Ubuntu Linux Mint Privacy
Specific Linux distros are suggested for keeping your information private

The website is broken up into categories – operating system, web browsers, email clients, search engines, cloud storage services, etc. The offending companies and products are listed, with the alternatives and a short description placed in the same categories. As well as a great way to ensure your privacy, a lot of the recommended software is excellent for anyone looking to move to Linux or a more free software orientated set-up.