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Brains & Braun: Cut Your Ironing Time In Half

Surely an iron is an iron, they all do the same thing, don’t they? They... iron.

If you have never set hands on an iron then you can ask an expert as there’s bound to be one in your house. Even if there isn’t, it won’t be long before there is with the assistance of the Braun CareStyle 5.

The Braun iron has a soleplate that not only provides 360-degree gliding, but blasts even more steam thanks to a strategically placed steam-hole pattern. There is even a steam shot mode that concentrates the steam in one area to get rid of stubborn creases.

However, it’s where the steam comes from that is the real negative here. It may be compact, but the water tank is still the size of a shoe box and is permanently attached. What do you want, smaller or faster?

£100 | $150

Braun CareStyle 5 steam generator iron

The Braun CareStyle 5 is an ironing system that combines both an iron and a hefty steam-creation base for an overall faster and better ironing experience.

Digital display

The LED digital display monitors what is happening and informs the user when it’s ready. When the steam is up to temperature, the light turns on. Click ECO mode for lower power consumption

No-brainer technology

Smart iCare technology does the thinking for you. It automatically sets the temperature of the iron so it works perfectly on all types of fabrics

Super-smooth soleplate

The Braun soleplate combines twice as hard as stainless-steel construction, a unique curved shape and a special coating for guaranteed 360-degree gliding in all directions

Steam power

The extra-large water tank is for high steam production. The soleplate pattern ensures higher pressure up to 340g/min and finer steam for faster crease removal

Keep it clean

Cleaning is boring. The CalcClean system alerts users to mineral build ups by switching its light on. To clean the tank, fill, shake and then switch on the clean button

Why use a steam-generator iron?

IP DSC_5999 copy

For those that iron the joys of steam are well known, but most irons have a limited capacity
with tiny tanks. No one wants a bigger, heavier iron as it would make ironing even less enjoyable. The alternative is to separate the two and that’s exactly what the Braun does. It has a separate and dedicated steam generator.

This means it can generate a lot more steam when using the steam shoot button, in fact up to a maximum of 340g/min. How does this compare? Well, the average iron manages anything between 40 and 140g/min. How does it get the steam to the CareStyle 5? Through a heavy- duty pipe that never gets too hot even with the steam powering through it.


Vertical steaming

With pressures of 340g/min, the CareStyle 5 can be used vertically as a steamer to smooth creases from delicate fabrics. Hang clothes and unleash the steam!

Power pipe

The Braun base and the physical iron are connected by a flexible reinforced pipe. The generated steam is pumped through the pipe and is then released via either of the steam buttons

Big tank

The base of the CareStyle 5 contains a water tank and a separate compartment to generate steam. The tank can store up to a maximum of 1.4 litres of tap water

Iron Off

A build up of steam will eventually damage the CareStyle 5. To prevent this happening, the iron switches to auto-off mode if the steam button has not been used for 10 minutes

Smooth As Silk

IP DSC_6001 copy

The CareStyle 5 makes a big deal of its Eloxal 3D soleplate on the bottom of the iron. The shape was inspired by snowboards, which can be seen in its upward curving BackGlide. Does this help how it moves? Yes it does, but so does its twice as hard as stainless-steel ironing surface, simple yet effective. The soleplate doesn’t have vertical edges like conventional irons, but it is the perfect thickness to slide under buttons, glide around seams and tackle zips.


Getting Shirty

What do you iron? Some like to go the whole hog and iron anything that comes out of the washing machine, but who needs to iron out the creases in their pants and socks?

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.14.11
Shirts, be them long sleeved, short sleeved or polo, are popular items for crease removal and this is exactly what 4 we did for this test. We tried all the mentioned styles and every time we did the test we managed to get through twice as many items with the Braun as a regular iron. The CareStyle 5 was particularly impressive on polo shirts, only taking seconds with full steam power.