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New iPhone and iPad app to dominate Apple Newsstand?

Exciting new digital-only magazine Brain Dump launches for iOS devices

Does your iPhone track your location constantly? Why would an iPad blow up in a microwave? Will the Internet ever fill up? What’s the capacity of the human brain in gigabytes?

These and many more questions like it will be answered in Brain Dump, an exclusive magazine for iPad and iPhone from Imagine Publishing, which we have to say makes excellent use of Apple’s hardware.

Launched today, you can subscribe to this groundbreaking new publication on Apple’s Newsstand from only £0.69/$0.99 and feed your mind in much the same way iCreate feeds your creativity. What’s more it’s brought to you by the people behind the hugely popular How It Works magazine and former members of the iCreate team.

Brain Dump has been built using a brand new digital platform designed by the innovative team at 3 Sided Cube, responsible for apps such as Vision Test 2 and the Red Cross app. Each page of Brain Dump is self-contained, making it ideal for reading on smaller devices like the iPhone or iPad mini.

IMG_1510 IMG_1515“Brain Dump aims to be as entertaining as it is educational, with breathtaking photography and incredible illustrations,” said Dave Harfield, Editor In Chief. “The editorial and design set a new standard for knowledge and science magazines on iPad and iPhone.”

The new digital publication will come with a free sample issue pre-installed on the app with subscriptions for the monthly magazine starting at only £0.69/$0.99 up to £3.99/$5.99 for a full year.

If you can’t tell already, we’re pretty excited about this new digital publication as it’s going to open up your device to a whole stream of cool info and knowledge. You can follow Brain Dump on Twitter @BrainDumpMag and on Facebook at And to celebrate the launch we’re giving away two bundles of iPad goodies so keep an eye on us @icreatemagazine on Twitter and /icreatemagazine on Facebook to get involved.

Download the Brain Dump app now: Subscribe from only 69p/99c per month.