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Boost Your Nerf Maverick’s Range With This Hack

1. Remove the barrel

Step_1_(A)Take your Maverick apart by unscrewing the eight body screws (one is hidden under the cocking mechanism) and the three cocking mechanism screws, before lifting the top part of the gun and mechanism off. Make a note of where each part fits. Remove the barrel component by lifting it out of the body. Nothing else should come free from the body.

2. File it down

Step_2_(A)The barrel mod lets the loading chamber snap out of the body for easy insertion of darts. Take the barrel and with your forked hammer, prise the grey plastic piece at the orange-tipped end of the unit away. You’ll get three pieces: metal pole with orange cap, grey piece, and circular orange cap. Take the grey piece and file away the curved knob. File away the yellow knob on the lower half of the gun’s main body.

3. Add more power

Take the remaining barrel and unscrew the three screws to take the black lid off the top. It looks like there is a lot of stuff in here, but don’t worry as you can bin the springs and tri-podded caps as they slow the darts down. Once binned, take the six orange caps and cut the central columns off close to the base, leaving the discs. Put the discs back in the six chambers (stub downwards) and screw the lid back on.

4. Reposition the cap

Step_4_(A)The barrel structure is now modified for power and Russian roulette-style loading. Re-insert the metal rod through the barrel and attach the grey piece and orange cap. The orange cap is best positioned by hammering it. Your barrel should be complete again, however the grey plastic piece should be knobless.

5. Customise the air chamber

Step_5_(A)Now take the air chamber, where the gun’s air is gathered and released from when you cock and fire it – and pull the end out. Notice how when you look down the inner cylinder the oval-shaped hole covers only roughly half the circumference? Well, that half of the chamber needs to be filled with Blu-Tack, as in doing so you will decrease the volume in which the same amount of air will be compressed into, thereby increasing the force of its release when the trigger is pressed. The best way to do this is to roll a tube of Blu-Tack the same length as the cylinder, insert it, and then flatten out the surfaces so it snugly fits the curvature (of course, make sure the oval shaped hole is completely unrestricted).

6. Put it back together 

Step_6_(A)Finally, reassemble your gun so it is how it was when you first took the top part of the gun’s body off and then, taking four penny coins, position them like this behind the rear end of the spring. This will reduce the amount of room the spring has to coil and, consequently, make it more compressed when you cock the gun, increasing power. You can now place the top part of the gun’s body and cocking mechanism back on and re-apply all your screws. You should have what looks like a regular Nerf Maverick, however the barrel will slide out fully from the side and the combination of barrel, air chamber and spring power hacks will mean it fires further and flatter than a stock model.

7. Lock and load!

Step_7_coCongratulations! You have modded your very own Maverick. Now go and humiliate your friends by peppering them with darts from greater distance, while reloading faster.