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Boom Brigade 2 review

Boom Brigade brings war to the small screen. But is it any good? Find out in our full review.

In Boom Brigade 2 you control a small gang of armed combatants, each with their own set of guns and available upgrades. The main premise is to use your combatants to protect a bunker that’s under thread by oncoming aliens. If the aliens damage the bunker too much, or if your soldiers die, then you need to restart.

The controls are quite easy to master, with the user needing to sketch a path fro which each soldier will follow. Each soldier represents a different class, and each have a radius around them to show their shooting limit. Any alien that then travels in that radius will be shot by the soldier.

The simple controls leads to a great spread of tactical options. Your slow-moving bazooka soldier might be best stationed near your bunker, while infantry units can zip in and out between soldiers. The wrong tactics can ultimately lead you to failing that current mission.

Each mission includes 5 or 6 waves of enemies for you to get through, with the latter waves including powerful enemies. The range of missions is also worth mentioning, and each map has different terrains and defences that you can use to your advantage.

Graphically the game is average at best. Aliens look great, and the general animations is pretty solid. There isn’t any attention to detail though, and some maps look rather basic. At the same time, the soundtrack is a bit of a letdown, and there could have been so much more done to really portray the various explosions and gun sounds.

Boom Brigade 2 certainly has some niggling issues, in terms of its graphics and soundtrack. But if you can look past that, then you’ll find a very rewarding game bursting with a great mix of tactical gameplay with some nice arcade touches thrown in for good measure.