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Bluelounge Sanctuary4 Review: Charge all your devices at once

Can this four-in-one charger offer value for money as well as extra power?


Compatibility • Any USB-charged device • Four USB ports • Two 10-volt chargers

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Price: £74.99/$99.95

Cables are a necessary evil. They’re ugly, messy and become tangled into knots so complex a boy scout would have trouble working them out. What’s more, next to your beautifully designed Apple devices they look terrible, and tripping on them will cause your device to fly across the room. But you can’t charge your device without them, so what do you do?

The Bluelounge Sanctuary4 offers a solution, packaging all your chargers into one neat package. There are two colours available – black and white – and much like Bluelounge’s other products, it is sleek and simple in both design and function.

At its most basic, the Sanctuary4 is a four-port USB hub. Plug it into the wall, feed the cable into the centre of the box and plug it in. You can then add up to four USB charging cables, feed them up through the grips at the edge of the case, and put the top on. We found getting allthecablestositwherewe wanted them really difficult while we put the ‘lid’ on the Sanctuary4, making the initial setup very awkward. Thankfully, it’s likely that you’ll only need to do this once.

While the four USB ports can all power up a device each, if you want to boost your iPad’s battery, you’ll need to leave a port empty for faster charging. Each port offers enough power for an iPhone to charge comfortably, but an iPad needs twice that power. It’s great to see this adaptability in the Sanctuary, as you can choose your own charging setup without having to compromise too much.

The gripping rubber top layer does a good job of holding your iPhones, and we can easily see the Sanctuary becoming the ‘dumping ground’ for your keys, wallet and iOS devices when you step through your front door, or when you head off to bed. The rear of the top layer also offers an iPad stand that can be adjusted from below.

Easily the biggest downside is the cost. While the box looks lovely, it’s ultimately just a simple USB hub and cable tidy. It’s an elegant solution to a real problem, but the fiddly setup and high price tag let it down a little.

Buy now?

Pros An attractive way to charge while tidying cable clutter

Cons Expensive, and a little too awkward to set up