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Better low-light photos with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Instagrammer Mr Whisper explains how to capture lovely low-light shots with Samsung's newest phone

mr whisper samsung

To mark the clocks going back in the UK tonight, Samsung teamed up with Instagrammer Mr. Whisper using the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ to show us how to shoot the best images in low-light conditions.

Setting him loose as the sun set over London on one of the final days of Daylight Saving Time, Mr. Whisper captured a range of his own images, as well as guided others on how to take the perfect ‘sun-setting’ selfie in the dying light of day.

With the onset of long nights, Mr. Whisper offers his top tips for capturing the perfect images and selfies in low-light:

samsung shot

1. Use your manual ISO control: “ISO is essentially the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. The lower the ISO setting, the better the chance of a high-quality image but this isn’t always possible in low-light conditions. With the S6 edge+, you can manually adjust the ISO level to optimize picture quality in low-light conditions, without avoiding image degradation.”

2. Say cheese with voice control: “Controlling camera actions with your voice is quite under-utilised. The voice control for the S6 edge+ camera is quite responsive – when capturing longer exposures and shutter speeds, a simple command means that you don’t have to reach out to touch the handset or use a conventional remote control to activate the shot. Simple, but highly effective.”

3. Layer it up with HDR mode: “HDR – or High Dynamic Range – essentially takes three different pictures and automatically merges the best frame from each to create one optimum photo. This is a great feature for low-light shooting, allowing you to gain contrast and detail between the foreground and background subjects.”