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Best Tech of CES Asia 2016

We traipsed the 32,000 gross square metres of the second annual CES Asia conference in Shanghai, discovering all the tech on display from 375 companies and listening to their visions of the future, to bring you this round-up of the top 10 gadgets on show.

InBody Band


A new take on the classic fitness tracker, the InBody Band has a built-­in body fat analyser that curates a personalised tracking system based on your body composition and overall heart rate.

InBody Body is priced at £152/$180. For more information, visit





Meet the first walking suitcase, the CowaRobot. It uses tracking sensors on both its front and rear to follow you autonomously without needing manual control. The CowaRobot also stays a few foot behind you like a respectful servant.

CowaRobot costs $399 (around £280). For more information, visit



Vincross Hexa

Vincross hexa

Numerous joints within each leg of Hexa enables it to be an extremely mobile six-legged spider. It can contort its frame to help it to climb up stairs and ledges as well as clamber over gaps.

Vincross Hexa’s price is TBC. For more information, visit



Chevrolet FNR


While the unibody design of the Chevrolet FNR gives the impression that it’s hovering, it’s the onboard Smart Driving system that is capable of the car driving autonomously that caught our eye.

The Chevrolet FNR is estimated at $100,000 (around $69,655). For more information, visit



Atmo Tube


Atmo Tube is a portable air pollution monitor, constantly monitoring your surroundings for signs of volatile organic compounds. It can also track deadly gases and will alert you if needed.

The Atmos Tube is available for $89 (around on £62) from Indiegogo. For more information, visit


5DX Supergravity Speaker


While it uses magnets to gently spin 360­-degrees in the air, eight separate drivers help give the impression of 360­-degree sound, with dua l­tweeters catering for the audiophiles out there.

The 5DX Supergravity Speaker costs £87/ $122. For more information, visit




Dlodlo V1 Glass


With both 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, the V1 Glass are arguably the most powerful smart eyewear in the post-Google Glass world. It runs Android, so you can even download your own apps.

Dlodlo V1 Glass costs £350/ $500. For more information, visit



Mercedes-­Benz Concept IAA


The primary focus of the Concept IAA is to make it as aerodynamic as possible, with its Active Rim technology changing the shape of the car to maximise its wind resistance at high speeds.

Sadly, this MercedesBenz model is never likely to actually see production, so doesn’t have a price. For more information, see mercedes-­





PLEN2 is the world’s first printable, open ­source robot built to offer users an easy way to get into robotics. At just eight-inches tall, this bot is the perfect DIY desktop companion.

Plen 2 costs $999 (around £696) For more information, visit




JetJat Nano


The tiny Nano drone weighs just 11 grams, but has all the standard flying functions you’d expect. It has a flying range of 75­foot, which is comparable to many of its bigger counterparts.

The JetJet Nano costs $39 (around £27). For more information, visit

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