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Top 5 Kickstarter Projects To Back This Month

Looking for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project to get behind, but not sure if its legit? Here’s Gadget magazine’s round-up of the coolest tech to get behind this month, including a kitten on wheels and a porcelain 3D printer.

Remidi T8

If you’re the kind of person that always sits there drumming on the desk with your fingers or incessantly tapping away at something, this is the glove for you. It’s a glove, but a glove fitted with a MIDI controller. You can assign notes, chords or samples to each finger and ‘play’ them by hitting any nearby surface.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. There are sensors in the fingers that can tell how hard you’re ‘hitting’ a note, or how long you’re playing a sample. You can record and import any beats you make into a standard bit of music software, or you can process it through Remidi’s own app. If you’re out and about and you’re suddenly hit by some musical inspiration, you can basically take a musical memo without looking like a total freak on the bus.

The Kickstarter campaign starts sending out the gloves at £140, with £20 shipping. If you opt for the £265 option, you’ll get a pair of the gloves… but if you wait for general sale, it’s going to rocket to £400. Be warned.


Some people are already getting bored of 3D printing – these little plastic figures with all their layers? That’s not exciting any more – this is the tech industry, and the industry needs at least 1000 new things a week to keep all you insatiable maniacs happy.

Lucky for us, then, some of the bright sparks over at Tethon 3D have engineered a way for you to 3D print porcelain: using a resin called Porcelite. It mimics the properties of everyone’s favourite toilet component, and can even have implications in reconstructive bone surgery (just in case you need to know that).

Donate £140 or more to the cause and you’ll get a liter of this precious bone fluid, as well as three ready-to-print files (ornamental, but still cool). Pledge high enough, and get a Skype workshop in 3D printing to boot!


We all want a butler. Maybe it’s the British mindset of having someone to do everything for us while we sit alone playing Halo in our pants all afternoon, or maybe it’s a darker look into the human condition. But we all want a butler. And a personal bodyguard. And a friend.

Well, the Xibot is a good enough fit for all three of those disturbing, innate desires. It’s a kitten on wheels that’s built on an open source platform, meaning that you can teach it to do anything you like. Within reason, of course.

This little robotic ally hit its funding goal in less than 2 days, and raised $25,000 in under a week. You see, hundreds of people share our desire for a robotic, placid, robot slave, willing to guard our house and bring us food whenever we swipe our phones.


Do you think this ‘smart home’ stuff is going too far – baths connected to your iPhone, lights that dim when you leaves the room, smart fridges? Well, it looks like we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as that’s concerned.

Introducing the SmartyPans – what a pun – the pan that tells you how to cook. Now, I hate backseat cookers, but this little fella seems to be a bit more handy than someone peeking over your shoulder shouting ‘THAT’S WAY TOO MUCH SOY SAUCE’. It can track the nutritional value of your food in real time, tell you when to add ingredients depending on temperature, and has weight sensors that sync up with any fitness goals you might have on your Fitbit or Jawbone or whatever.

It’s a kitchen scale, cooking pan, oven dish and serving bowl all in one. You can pick one up via Indiegogo for about £150. It’ll head up to £200ish soon, so pre-orders are advised.

Tittle Light

While 512 LEDs sounds like too many LEDs, it’s actually the perfect amount to force into a little cube, and then be made to dance for you. The Tittle Light’s name is actually a bit misleading, because it’s got a lot of functions – from being a music visualizer (and a good talking point at parties) to a clock, an ambient bit of mood lighting to a vessel to channel 3D emojis.

The light’s hit its $30,000 goal (and did it pretty quickly), and you’ll eventually be able to pick one up for about £200. If you hurry over to its Indiegogo page, though, you’ll be able to grab one at the pre-order price of £140.

For a more in-depth look at the hottest new crowdfunded gizmos, pick up Gadget Magazine. For regular video updates on the Kickstarters and Indiegogos to get behind, subscribe to our YouTube channel.