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Best iPad mini apps – Top 5

The five apps you need for your brand new iPad Mini

It might not be on sale for a few more weeks, but we already have a few ideas about apps that will look fantastic on the 7.9-inch screen of the new, slimline tablet. Of course, the smaller screen still has the same resolution as the iPad 2 at 1024 x 768, so apps will run without any loss in detail, but some apps will work better than others on the smaller display. We’ve come up with a few apps that you won’t want to be without when you grab your iPad mini on November 2nd.

5. Google Chrome | Free

Safari is great, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best possible iPad browser. Google Chrome offers a small title bar and plenty of screen space, which is perfect for the smaller screen, and with cloud tab integration, a brilliant unified search and address bar, and no limit on the number of open tabs you can have, this is the ultimate mobile browsing experience.

4. Tweetbot | £1.99/$2.99

While Twitter’s official client offers a number of new features since the last update, Tweetbot also includes a huge amount of customisation, gesture-based navigation, and a user interface that is clean and easy to use. There are plenty of choice for text sizes and display options, so if you’re struggling to read tweets on the 7.9-inch screen this will solve the issues immediately. It’s our favourite Twitter client on every device, and if you also choose to use it on your iPhone and Mac, timeline syncing will let you pick up on one device where you left off on another.



3. Noteshelf |£1.99/$2.99

In the announcement, Apple likened the iPad mini’s weight to that of a pad of paper, and it’s more than a physical likeness. For quickly jotting down ideas on the move, a combination of a stylus and your iPad mini is unmatchable. Noteshelf makes the iPad an incredibly adaptable tool, and it’s well worth the price for quickly sketching out thoughts.

2. Flipboard | Free

The iPad mini isn’t just a creative tool; one of its main functions is as a media hub, and there is no better app for this than Flipboard. The app takes your news and social networking updates and puts it into an easy-to-read grid, allowing you to catch up on all the big stories over breakfast. Even better, though, is the interface; your stories are sorted into categories and placed into a magazine-style interface that makes catching up on the latest happenings a real joy.

1. iBooks | Free

It might seem obvious after the update to iBooks 3.0, but what makes the mini perfect for reading is not the app but the size and weight. The iPad was nice enough for reading, but holding it in one hand was difficult for prolonged periods. The iPad mini fits easily in one hand, and because it weighs in at a feathery 312g (compared to the iPad 4’s 662g) it’s going to be easy to hold no matter where you’re reading. This really is the iPad you need if you love reading.