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Best (and worst) iPhone Apps of the week – Week 1

A week on from the App Store launch and I’ve done little else but play with iPhone apps. Do I have a favourite yet? Yes I do. Have I found a large number of utterly pointless applications? Yes I have. So, after a week of play here are my picks of the best and those you should avoid.

Top Apps

Band – MooCowMusic
Price: £5.99
A great bit of fun and handy for those of a musical inclination to flesh out ideas, albeit very simple ones. Drums, bass, piano and guitar are all catered for in this well made application.

Vicinity – ActiveGuru Ltd
Price: £1.79
A brilliant example of the iPhone 3G’s GPS features, Vicinity finds local services from Cafés to Taxis and shows how close or far they are from your current location. It can even hunt through Flickr and Wikipedia for local photos and places of interest.

Trism – Demiforce LLC
Price: £2.99
I wasn’t going to get sucked into iPhone games but this sliding, tilting match the colours masterpiece is truly addictive. There are handy tutorials to see you on your way as well.

Pointless Apps

PhoneSaber – TheMacBox
Price: Free
This is exactly what I was dreading would happen when iPhone apps were announced. Wave your iPhone around and it makes the sound of a Jedi Light Saber. Completely and utterly pointless and, if you have Star Wars fans in your vicinity, REALLY annoying.

World 9
– Nao Tokui
Price: Free
Activate the app, put the iPhone in your pocket and jump to hear the sound of Super Mario jumping. Enough said.