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Become a Pages power user in ten steps

The top eight ways to work smarter in Pages

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Pages is a fantastic program for creating all manner of documents. From business reports to school papers, from posters to newsletters, there’s so much for you to try and so much you can do. Contrary to popular opinion, documents such as these needn’t be formulaic or dull. By utilising the program’s flexible assortment of tools and features we can make even a mundane college or work report shimmer with creativity.
In this special feature we’ll show you how to increase your productivity. We’ll do this by teaching you a few secret ways to work smarter and faster, helping you to save time and effort when creating your page. We’ll divulge which shortcuts to use and explain how easy it is to employ Pages’ wide range of visually impressive facilities, some that you may not have known existed. So load the program up and let’s get started.

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Secret 1

Save time with templates

Why spend time and energy creating your own page when you can pick and choose the best bits from existing ones? The template drawer can be found under File>New. For an even quicker approach try using the Cmd+N keyboard shortcut.

Secret 2

Copy and Paste

If there’s an element on the page you like but don’t have the time or know-how to recreate it, right- click on the item and choose Copy. Scroll to an area where you want to place the copied item and right- click followed by Paste. Alternatively you can use Cmd+C and Cmd+V.

Secret 3

Lock it in place

To avoid things accidentally getting moved, try locking items you are happy with in place. Select the item you wish to pin down, then from the Format tab hit the Lock button at the bottom. The Xs around the frame will now show this as being stuck.

Secret 4

A wonder of words

If you’re writing a report to a specific word count you don’t have to copy and paste into another document to discover how many words you’ve written. Simply head up to the View icon and select Show Word Count. You can hide it again using the same process.

Secret 5

Get creative

Images speak louder and faster than words, so instead of waffling on about numbers and data, create a chart or graph to say
it with pictures. Find a space in your document and hit the Chart button. Then use the options in the Format panel to jazz it up.

Secret 6

Avoid bright colours

Images instantly inject interest,but sometimes particularly bold or brash colours can detract from the message you are trying to convey. If this is the case with an image you want to use, explore the Instant Alpha tool in Format>Image to drain a certain colour’s vivacity.

Secret 7

Crop in close

If an image is lacking impact, try cropping in closer. You needn’t go through all the hassle of opening iPhoto, cropping the shot and re-importing it back into Pages. Simply hit Edit Mask in Format’s Adjust panel and zoom in or out as you wish.

Secret 8

Add a little sparkle

If an image looks a little lost on the page use Format’s Style panel to add a little sparkle. Choose from one of the many styles, and then use the drop-down menus to customise your selection even further, adding assets like Blur, Reflection, and Borders.