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Accessory Review – Beach Buoy

Manufacturer: Proporta
Price: £7.95

The summer is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to dust off the bathers and get ready for those trips to the seaside. One of the big considerations when you’re around sand and water is protection for your electronic goods. There’s no point having an iPhone or iPod if you can‘t take it everywhere with you. The Beach Buoy aims to help you on that score by offering a pouch where you can keep all of your important electronics, as well as your wallet and keys if you need to. It can then be sealed against the elements and worn like a bag while you frolic in the sea. It’s guaranteed to be waterproof up to five meters, and while you can’t have earphones connected, you can still use a touch screen device through the clear plastic. Using the Beach Buoy is very simple: you fill it with your devices and then snap the two seals together before rolling the top over and fastening it with the velcro flap. There is then a little rope handle which can be lengthened to fit over the shoulder or around the neck. As you don’t get the option to use your iPod or iPhone while it’s in the Beach Buoy it may have limited appeal, but if you’re not keen on leaving your electronics by your towel while you hit the waves then it’s a perfect way to keep them on you at all times. The one thing you cannot argue with is the unrivalled value you get – at under £8 this is well worth your money and a definite must for beach-goers seeking protection. So don’t be afraid to take the electronics out and about this summer, just Beach Buoy them and be safe.

Practicality: 8.9

Design: 7.6

Value for money: 9.9

Features: 6.5

Durability: 8.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 8.0