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Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition for Mac Review

The Dark Knight returns to the Mac with his latest title, Arkham City - here is our full review

Price: £27.99/$39.99

Available From: Mac App Store

Learn More: Feral Games

Minimum System Requirements: • 2.0GHz Intel Processor • OS X 10.7.4 • 4GB RAM • 256MB Video Memory

After last year’s debut of Batman: Arkham Asylum on Mac, the second in the new series of games from Rocksteady Studios was eagerly awaited, and at last it has arrived. The second game is much more ambitious than the first, taking the Dark Knight to the mean streets of Arkham City, a huge prison that holds all of Batman’s biggest foes in a cordoned off area of Gotham.

If you played Arkham Asylum you’ll be very much at home here – many of the gadgets from the first game return, along with a few new additions that work brilliantly in the new, open-world environment. The game controls relatively well with the mouse and keyboard, but the extra buttons take the skill out of fight combinations a little, which is a shame. Things can get confusing at times, as there are plenty of tools at Batman’s disposal, and as with the previous game it is probably worth investing in a controller if you want to get the best experience possible.

Gliding through the streets and dropping down to beat up thugs is fantastic fun

Navigating around the game world is brilliant; gliding across rooftops, grappling up to gargoyles and fighting thugs in the street is incredibly fun. There is so much to do and find in the city that there’s never a dull moment. Trophies, placed by the Riddler, will test your brain cells as you journey from mission to mission, while side stories featuring some famous faces from Batman’s past will pop up from time to time to keep things interesting.

The story twists and turns as you play, and you’ll encounter all of Batman’s most famous enemies, including Ra’s al Ghul, The Penguin and, of course, the Joker. All the characters, including Batman, are voiced brilliantly, and this fantastic characterisation adds depth to the already-engaging story. The set pieces work well, with the biggest fights taking place in some truly awe- inspiring areas, but even smaller scuffles with the criminal riff-raff around Arkham are great thanks to the smooth ‘freeflow combat’ that lets you pull off some fantastic moves with ease. Batman feels strong, but not undefeatable.

Sections of the game can be played as Catwoman, who has different abilities and gadgets to use while fighting

Graphics are impressive too, with the huge cityscape viewable from whichever rooftop you stand atop. The game requires quite a powerful machine, so if you’re close to the minimum requirements you might not get all the amazing views, but if you have got enough power then the game looks simply breathtaking.

Batman’s second outing maintains the high standards set by the series so far, and is well worth a look whether or not you have played the first game. Outstanding.

Pros: Brilliant graphics, voice acting, combat and story make this an absolute Mac classic

Cons:The controls are fiddly on a keyboard, and you’ll need a powerful system to run smoothly