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Automate your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Get your device to automatically connect, disconnect, lock and unlock with Tasker

If you find yourself performing the same tasks on your Android device over and over again, then why not download an app that can do the hard work for you? Tasker is a powerful app that lets you automate much of your device’s functionality. With Tasker, you define contexts, and then tell the app which tasks it should perform, when these contexts occur. For example, Tasker can detect when you’re at work or the cinema, and automatically mute your device, or place it on vibrate between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday.

Tasker can also launch a music app whenever you attach your headphones, or increase your ring volume when you receive a call from a particular contact. The possibilities are endless.
This tutorial shows you how to automate various Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tasks, including disabling your lockscreen whenever Tasker detects certain Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals.

You’ll also create a profile that automatically switches on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re in a certain location. When you leave this location, the profile performs an exit task that disables your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save your battery.

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  1. pair your devices

    Pair your devices

    Start by pairing your Android device with the Bluetooth-enabled device you want it to respond to. Enable Bluetooth for both devices, and then, on your Android device select Settings>Bluetooth>Search for Devices. Select the device you want to connect to, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

  2. create new profile

    New profile

    Download Tasker from the Play store and launch the app. Read the onscreen information, and tap the checkmark until you reach the main Profiles/Tasks/Scenes screen. To create your first profile, ensure the Profiles tab is selected, and then tap the + at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select BT Connection


    Select State>Net>BT Near. Tap the magnifying glass next to Name and select your paired device from the pop-up. Repeat this process for Address. Select the Standard Devices checkbox and then press the Back key on your keyboard. In the pop-up that opens automatically, select New Task.

  4. disable Keyguard

    Disable Keyguard

    Give your task a name, and then tap the checkmark. On the Task Edit screen, tap the + at the bottom of the screen, then select Display>Keyguard. On the Action Edit screen, ensure Off is selected. Press the Back button on your keyboard twice to return to Tasker’s main screen.

  5. Activate Your Profile

    Activate profile

    Set the profile’s slider to On. Now, whenever your device detects this Bluetooth signal, it’ll disable your lockscreen, so you can jump straight in. Alternatively, tell Tasker to disable your lockscreen, whenever it detects a particular Wi-Fi signal. Create a new profile and set it to State>Net>WiFi Near.

  6. Detect your WiFi

    Select a Wi-Fi signal

    Tap the magnifying glass next to SSID and select your Wi-Fi. Repeat this process for Mac. Change ‘Min. Activate…’ to anything other than 0. Then, press Back on your keyboard, select New Task, give your task a name and select the checkmark. Tap the + symbol, and choose Display>Keyguard>Off.

  7. Detect Your Location

    Location profile

    Tasker can also automatically turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, when you’re in a particular location. It’s easier to create this profile, when you’re in the location you want to use. Create a profile, but this time select Location. Tap the compass in the toolbar, and Tasker finds you.

  8. Automatically Turn on WiFi

    Automate Wi-Fi

    Exit the map by pressing the Back key. Give your location a name, and then tap the checkmark. Select New task from the pop-up menu, give your task a name and select the checkmark. Add an action, by tapping the + at the bottom of the screen, and then selecting Net>WiFi>On.

  9. Automatically Turn on Bluetooth


    Press the Back key to return to the Task Edit screen, then tap the + and select Net>Bluetooth>On. Now, whenever Tasker detects you’re in the specified location, it switches your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on. The final step, is getting Tasker to deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, when you leave this location.

  10. Add Exit Task

    Add Exit Task

    Return to Tasker’s main screen, and tap the profile you just created to expand it. Press down on the WiFi On/Bluetooth On text, until a pop-up appears. Then, select Add Exit Task>New Task, give your task a name, and create two new actions: Net>WiFi>Off, and Net>Bluetooth>Off.