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Audio Pro Living LV2e system review

Bringing power, style and function in to one package. Read on to find out our official verdict.

The Audio Pro Living LV2e system comprises of two wireless 50 watt speakers, with built in digital amplifiers, an Audio Pro USB dongle and a remote control. The LV2e speakers come in both black and white, and there’s also a red variant that costs a little extra.

Each speaker is wrapped in a thin layer of leather, which although is cosmetically very appealing, it can be prone to smudges and marks. Audio Pro have included a pair of thin gloves to use every time you handle the speakers, but this does seem to be bit over the top.

The mesh grille on the front of each speaker can be removed to expose the superb looking subwoofer and amplifier, and gives the whole design of the speaker a far more rustic look. At full power, you’ll find each speaker will deliver an unbelievably crisp bass sound that will definitely get your house shaking. Along the back of the speaker are the usual power ports, as well as some basic volume control keys.

The accompanying dongle with the system is the main tool used to wireless stream your music from your Android device. Plug the USB directly into your tablet, or phone if you buy an adapter, and simply select the tunes you want to play. Turn the speakers on with the switch on the back of each speaker and your music should start playing immediately.

Remote controls tend to feel cheap and plastic with these sort of speaker systems, but the one that comes with the Audio Pro system has a really nice metallic feel to it. All the usual controls are included.

It won’t be in everyone’s budget, but the Audio Pro LV2e system is a brilliant audio package in nearly every area.