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Asphalt 8 review

Is Asphalt 8 the best Android racing game of all time?

Asphalt has long been at the top of the racing game pyramid and the eighth edition of the series is by far the best game yet. This time around there are a total of 47 cars, with only a small selection being borrowed from previous versions of the game. One problem with Asphalt has been the lack of licensed manufacturers appearing in game, but this time around you’ll find the likes of Bugatti, Pagani and Lamborghini all present and accounted for.

There’s a lengthy campaign to get through here, spanning over eight seasons and 180 individual events with the inclusion of ramps and hills for you to perform rolls over to keep things fresh. Difficulty gets progressively harder the further you venture into the seasons, but the improved touch screen controls lend themselves well to the fast paced action. As you race, you’ll get to explore a wide range of tracks included in Asphalt 8, the selection isn’t as impressive as previous editions, but each is based within a recognisable location and graphically there’s no racing game even close.

Where Asphalt 8 really pulls away from the competition is with its multiplayer experience. Connecting to an online race is simple and quick enough to not leave you twiddling your thumbs. Up to 8 players can race at any point and we managed to complete a handful of these races without any problems whatsoever. There’s also an intriguing Ghost Mode that enables users to race against the fastest times on each track, it’s a good bit of fun while it lasts, but the small selection of tracks means you won’t be going back to it time and time again.

Although there’s no ground breaking additions in Asphalt 8, it refines and polishes features previous features found in older versions to make it feel like a complete game. Multiplayer is the shining light here, however, and if you want a racing game that delivers in all areas, you can’t look past Asphalt 8.