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Archive iTunes tracks with iBatch

Keep your iTunes library tidy by removing and backing up unwanted tracks

If you’re a prolific iTunes user, chances are you’re going to have a vast library to explore and use. Although the choice is nice, it does leave you with a lot of clutter to deal with if you don’t listen to some of the older songs attached to your account. Users can delete tracks from their iTunes library, but this leaves them with no options when they want to add them back to their account at a later date. Instead, by downloading the iBatch app, users can create a virtual archive of songs they no longer want and remove the entry from their library. However, if they then change their mind, it’s possible to add the archived songs back to your account in a matter of minutes. Here’s how it’s done.


1 Scan library

Open up your iTunes account and make a mental note of all the albums you want to archive. Use the Albums tab to reformat your library to show the ones you want to see.


2 Sync with iBatch

Load up iBatch and follow the setting up instructions that are provided. It should automatically sync with your iTunes account and show the Ready icon when usable.


3 Set up archiving

Select the Archive tab from within iBatch. When you first access the menu, all the options will be blanked out until you add an archived song folder near the bottom of the menu.


4 Create a folder

Select the Create Archived Folder option and go ahead and add a new folder onto your hard drive. Once done, head back to your iTunes account and select a song.


5 Start archiving

As you select a song, the name and artwork of it should be shown within iBatch. Press on the Archive button once you’ve selected the songs and wait for the archive to finish.


6 Make a list

When you add further songs to your archive library, you’ll see folders and artists appear in the iBatch window. Use the Refresh List option if not all stored songs are appearing.


7 Move to Trash

If there is a song you’d rather permanently delete, select it within iBatch and press the Move to Trash option. This will remove the archive completely from your Mac.


8 Edit details

If certain songs aren’t being stored in the correct genre while in iBatch, use the Album button to change some of its details. The song should automatically reformat itself.


9 Create a backup

Backing up large quantities of albums is quicker than manually archiving. Select the Backup option and add all the songs you’d like to back up to your Mac.