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Apple’s “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it” event – Rumours and Predictions

So we've received our invite, booked our tickets and we're ready to check out Apple's next big thing. But what're we going to see? Check out our predictions here...


So we’ve received our invite, booked our tickets and we’re ready to check out Apple’s next big thing. But what’re we going to see?

The rumour mill has been uncharacteristically quiet in the lead up to this announcement with only a couple of expectations lurking around dark corners of the web. As has been the case for several years, Apple typically refreshes its iPod line in September with updates to existing models and, in some cases, brand new designs but there could be room for iPhone and, more than likely, iTunes announcements too.

It’s worth noting that, for an invite sent to the media, there are some undertones to the Rolling Stones song referenced on it. Bear this quote from Mick Jagger in mind as the curtains are raised: “The idea of the song [It’s Only Rock and Roll] has to do with our public persona at the time. I was getting a bit tired of people having a go… It was a lighthearted, anti-journalistic sort of thing.”

FCC investigations, reports of exploding iPhones and speculation about Steve Jobs’ health might be starting to get to Apple’s top brass.


iPods & Cameras
The forerunner in the rumour stakes at the moment is the addition of a camera to the iPod touch and, perhaps, some of the smaller models too. This rumour is nothing new and, it could be argued, has been around since the iPhone launch. Recent manufacturer reports, leaked third-party case designs and dubious prototype pictures have added weight to the rumour of late, so we’re fairly certain this will be a feature in tomorrows event. Current rumours are pointing to a delay for the new iPods after an issue was found with the first batch of units. This has yet to be confirmed.

Our verdict
It looks likely there’ll be a camera added to the iPod touch and perhaps a(nother!)
revision of the iPod nano.
Outside bet

Cameras in other iPod models.
Jobs will say

“It’s our  funnest iPod, made even more fun

Picture 1

iTunes 9 & iPhone
It’s more than likely that iTunes 9 will surface tomorrow. Surprisingly, however, the iTunes rumours of a month or so ago have not been resurrected. Talk of a whole new social networking aspect to Apple’s media player were touted, alongside Blu-ray support and music subscriptions. While these are still quite likely, nothing new has been mentioned as the special event nears.

We’re willing to bet that app organisation in iTunes for iPhone and iPod touch will make an appearance and, at the same time, an update to the iPhone’s OS. With the release of Snow Leopard it’s likely that a new iTunes will be provided to take full advantage of the speed gains and advanced tech hidden within.

Our verdict
iTunes 9, revamped, re-designed and probably called something new for the hell of it. A new iPhone/touch software update will arrive at the same time and allow for homescreen organisation through iTunes.
A new iTunes feature will allow you to share your playlists, favourites and currently playing track info to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

It’s likely plans are in place to fight Spotify and its freshly launched iPhone app so we wouldn’t be surprised to see some form of subscription service for unlimited music. iTunes Extra, perhaps, or simply iTunes Plus.

Outside bet
An indie iTunes record label (that’ll please Apple Corps.) or The Beatles on iTunes (that really might)

Jobs will say
“We’re real excited about the new features in iTunes and we can’t wait for you all to start enjoying them.”

Image Courtesy of Gizmodo

An Apple Tablet
There have been some vague suggestions that the much-discussed Apple tablet could be shown off at this event.

Our verdict
Absolutely no way. We’re begining to wonder if there will ever be a tablet, if anyone will care if there
is one and why people keep talking about it.

Outside bet
A new iPhone nano device.

Jobs will say
“Why don’t we talk about something else?”

What do you think? Are we barking up the wrong tree? Do you KNOW what will be announced tomorrow? Let us know in the comments section below.