Apple to buy 55 and 65-inch Ultra HD TV displays from LG?

It's a vague rumour at best, but Apple appears to be taking baby steps towards their much-rumoured TV, starting with some large displays from LG and others.

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Apple is rumoured to be in talks with South Korea-based LG to supply displays for their upcoming TV.

The report from Digitimes, who has a hit and miss record with Apple rumours, states that the Cupertino company is looking at 55 and 65-inch Ultra HD TV panels.

As well as LG, possible supply of the screens could also come from Sony, AU Optronics and Sharp, who have all worked with Apple in the past on different products.

This doesn’t seem unrealistic, given that Apple has been known to split orders between different suppliers, but Digitimes is keen to point out that this technology is still in the testing stage and no final deals have been struck with any of the companies mentioned.