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Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 5, updates icons and Control Center

Apple has released iOS 7 Beta 5 to developers, making tweaks to the Settings icon, Control Center, new Phone buttons and more. Here's the key changes we've found…

Apple has released the fifth Beta of iOS 7 to developers, bringing it with a number of minor visual tweaks.

The update, which hit devices last night, brings with it a number of tweaks to the UI including new icons in the Settings app, redesigned buttons during a phone call, an updated Twitter icon and more. Here’s a few of the most notable changes:

Settings icons

Icons in the Settings app have received a complete overhaul, whereas before they were simple line drawings in one, uniform colour, they now feature simplified illustrations on a solid background colour that changes, depending on the setting itself.

iOS7B4 - Settings Icons

Control Center

Control Center now features a new set of options, allowing to you to enable or disable access to it, depending on whether you’re in an app or on the home screen. This might seem like a strange addition at first, but if you’ve ever found yourself accidentally pulling down Notification Center in the middle of a game, you’ll soon realise it’s even easier to do swiping up from the bottom.

iOS7B4 - Control Center

Twitter icon

The Twitter icon in sharing options has been reversed to feature a blue bird on a white background – the result is much cleaner and is an important distinction from Twitter’s own iOS app as the two aren’t exactly integrated.

iOS7B4 - Twitter Icon

Power off slider

The slider to power off the device has now been tweaked and looks similar to that of the one that’s displayed to answer calls. It’s not quite edge-to-edge and has rounded corners. It looks a little odd to us, but this may still change before the final public release.

Call option buttons

The option buttons that are present during calls are now more prominent, much larger and for clearer. They’re also now placed within circles which didn’t feature in Beta 4.

iOS7B4 - Phone buttons

A few more…

Banner notifications now feature a small bar at the bottom, acting as a visual cue to indicate that you can pull down on them and access Notification Center. Messages now features just the sender’s first name in a conversation view, as opposed to the first name and last initial in Beta 4. Finally, iPhone 5 users who have the white model have reported a new boot screen which is white instead of black – a lovely touch that shows the attention to detail Jony Ive and co are putting into iOS 7’s overhaul.

Apple appears to be moving pretty fast through the development cycle now, with Beta 4 released just last week. The company is making up for lost time after its recent Developer Center outage and we’re still hoping for a late September/early October public release. If you notice any other changes we haven’t picked up on, feel free to let us know.