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Apple iWatch design: Our favourite concepts

Our top list of some of the best iWatch and smartwatch concept designs you can find on the web

If and when Apple choose to release a smartwatch remains a subject of some debate and conjecture, but what is clear is that the idea generates a lot of excitement and interest. Some of the concept designs and renders that have been appearing online could easily be final products. There are rather a lot of them though, so we thought we’d gather together some of these wishful watch concept designs for you to enjoy. To the best of our knowledge none of these are being pursued by Apple as a final design, so you’ll just have to let your imagination ponder the possibilities.

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iWatch Concept –  Pyropixel


This one from Pyropixel, design and artwork by René Aye, draws on the talk of a curved glass display and a modified iOS. We’re particularly pleased that some gifs have been worked up so you can even see how it all goes together. The “It’s Time” slogan isn’t so bad either.

Imagine the iWatch – Karol Miklas


Clearly drawing influence from the design of the iPhone 4 and 4S, this feels pretty close to what a smartwatch from Apple would look like if it were being developed using current display tech. We recommend giving Karol Miklas’ Behance page a look as there’s a fantastic 3D render there you can manipulate and spin around for a full 360-degree view.

The Watch – Jan-Roelof de Vries


More excellent gif work here so that you can enjoy a full view of the design and interface for The Watch. Perhaps not strictly intended as an iWatch concept as it’s running its own operating system, but we certainly wouldn’t mind Apple releasing something like this. A truly gorgeous piece of design.

iWatch – Just Design Things


Another fan of the “It’s time” slogan, this concept comes from Pavel Simeonov, a web and iOS developer. If you check out the full page you’ll see that a whole host of promotional material has been pulled together, not unlike something you would see on Apple’s own site. The longer design of the face of the watch reminds us of the extended iPhone 5 and offers a lot of logical features. A very interesting take on things.

iWatch Design Concept –  Esben Oxholm Bonde


This is a design you’ve likely seen around, but it’s worth looking at again. The Swiss watch is taken straight from the iOS Clock app, so that immediately feels right and the matte black finish is very close to the iPhone 5 and iPad mini styling. A concave Home button and Apple logo on the inner of the band just brings it all together.

iWatch Concept 2 – Antonio de Rosa


Lots of things to love here. The thin, elegant design of the watch face itself deserves some praise, as done the customisable watch strap, which would give an iWatch something of an iPod feel in terms of friendliness and accessibility. This is actually a second concept posted on The original can be found through this link.

iWatch – Anders Kjellberg


Here we have another design that feels very practical. There’s another fine selection of promotional material that details all of the functionality including FaceTime, the App Store, Music, Maps and more. The idea of having a model with a sim card also makes a lot of sense if you want the watch to work independently of an iPhone or iPad.