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Apple holding its ground against Android competitors

• iPhone set to remain king of the smartphones • ‘Apple offers the option, rather than the necessity, to find alternatives’ says industry expert • Learn how to get the most from your device

Android manufacturers, and Samsung in particular, seem to be surging ahead of Apple in the smartphone markets, but will this continue? Jon Gordon, Editor of industry magazine iCreate, is skeptical of the figures: “While it is undeniable that Android are selling more handsets, we cannot take this alone as proof of popularity and customer satisfaction. The buying decision is often based purely on price and the iPhone, for many reasons, remains the superior device.”

Up until recently, Android handsets and monthly contracts have been considerably cheaper than the iPhone, but with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 this seems to have evened out, meaning that we may now begin to see which is the true favourite.

Samsung is not asking its customers to pay more for nothing though. Apple’s iPhone was once unrivalled in terms of performance and available apps, but Android manufacturers have been steadily upping their game and the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s figurehead smartphone, is at the pinnacle of this – in many respects matching if not surpassing Apple’s iPhone 5.

The iPhone still remains an incredibly popular smartphone
The iPhone still remains an incredibly popular smartphone

However, as Samsung continues to push its own apps in an attempt to break free of the Google platform, users aren’t always getting what they expect. As Jon Gordon says; “while there is no questioning the range of customisable features, the out-of-the-box experience often fails to live up to expectations.”

This is one of the reasons that Apple’s iPhone has managed to hold on to its place at the top of the smartphone market despite the competition from Android. The iPhone does not suffer from multiple manufacturers trying to add their own interfaces and a huge range of devices running different operating systems. Instead, “Apple offers its customers an excellent experience as soon as you turn your device on, with the option, rather than the necessity, to find alternatives should you wish to”, states Jon Gordon.

Now that prices are leveling out between the two giants of the smartphone world, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple break away once more, especially if the rumors of a summer iPhone 5S release are true.

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