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iCreate’s Apple Event Liveblog – all the news as it happened

All the latest news from the 09.09 Apple Event – Live!

Hello! Welcome to iCreate Magazine’s coverage of the 09.09.14 Apple Event!

20:00GMT: Thanks for joining us for our Apple Event live blog, stay tuned to for more stories on the day’s big news.

19:59GMT: And we’re winding down on what has been a beautiful day at the Flint Center. I think it’s safe to say that we have found what we were looking for. Tim says his final thanks, points a lot and the audience files out.

19:55GMT: Album will be exclusively with Apple until mid October.

19:52GMT: After the performance, Adam Clayton offers a cheeky wave to the crowd. Bono says something a bit weird, announces album. Whole album is on iTunes for free!?

19:46GMT: That’s in London though. Here, we’ve got U2!

19:45GMT: We’ve had some of the most popular artists perform at the iTunes Festival. Tonight, Sam Smith is performing.

19:44GMT: One more thing: it’s music.

19:43GMT: ApplePay compatible with Apple Watch. Everyone’s dream of paying with their wrist is now realised!

19:42GMT: Apple Watch starts at $349. We reckon £299. No prices given for other editions; presumably the Sport and Edition will be pricier.

19:41GMT: iPhone 5 upwards compatible with Apple Watch.

19:39GMT: Tim uses his Watch to control his Apple TV! Someone else uses it as a viewfinder for the iPhone camera…

19:38GMT: ‘It’s gonna help people live a better day and a healthier life’

19:37GMT: Workout app contains a list of preset workouts to choose from. Earn awards for your achievements. No word what they are.

19:35GMT: Apple Watch uses GPS and Wi-Fi Data from your iPhone. Set yourself personal calorie goals. Activity ring captures all exercise, regardless of intensity.

19:34GMT: Fitness app and Workout app are on the Apple Watch.

19:33GMT: Tim’s chatting about the Health and Fitness features now.

19:32GMT: Other uses of Apple Watch third-party apps include tapping the watch to open your hotel door, find your BMW, and challenge your friends to run on Nike+. Possibilities are exciting. ‘It’s amazing what you can do from your wrist’ says Tim.

19:30GMT: Third-party apps now being discussed – App Store may or may not be confirmed? WatchKit is announced – a developer kit that creates Watch apps. Twitter watch app confirmed.

19:29GMT: Another mention of sharing your heartbeat, aside from in a medical scenario, not sure how that’ll be relevant.

19:28GMT: You can communicate by drawing to your friends. Doesn’t seem that efficient, but looks fun!

19:27GMT: Maps apps looks great. Wholefoods plugged again. No cheer this time. You can get walking directions, and it simulates the walk for you.

19:26GMT: Photos also included. Photos favourited on your iDevices wil appear on your Watch.

19:24GMT: Siri is integrated in Apple Watch. Functionality seems similar.

19:22GMT: Calendar invites also supported. Kevin’s off to Eddy’s karaoke. New animated emoji for Apple Watch. Dictation can also be used to reply! Hoorah!

19:21GMT: You can store music on Apple Watch. We’re treated to some Coldplay. Not for long though.

19:20GMT: You can fly through space on one of the iWatch backgrounds. Why not?

19:19GMT: Kevin Lynch giving us a demo of the Watch. Navigation involves ‘Force touch’.

19:18GMT: iPhone is required with Apple Watch.

19:16GMT: Wearable technology is now ‘truly personal’ with a million customisable designs.

19:15GMT: Three different flavours of Apple Watch: Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition.

19:14GMT: Sport band, leather loop, leather classic, stainless steel link, Milanese loop straps.

19:13GMT: The watch looks incredibly customisable – ‘A range of watch faces’. Although personalisation extends beyon the interface. Six different straps easily interchangable.

19:12GMT: Apple watch charger attaches to its back with MagSafe tech. Looks smart.

19:11GMT: Health benefits of Apple Watch include pulse tracker.

19:09GMT: ‘The button below the Digital Crown’. Not the most snappy name. You can share your heartbeat!?

19:06GMT: Display appears when you raise your wrist. Interface is brand new. Digital Crown doubles as Home button. Siri. Reply to Messages… there’s a lot of stuff.

19:05GMT: Here’s Jony! He’s discussing the Apple Watch.

19:04GMT: Main navigation done with ‘digital crown’, looks like a winder on a traditional watch.

19:02GMT: The iPhone UI was NOT shrunk into the Apple Watch. Thank god.

19:01GMT: Perhaps the first standing ovation for a watch in history. Deserved.

19:00GMT: Scratch that! Several straps are shown. Tim comes out – fist raised in triumph – sporting a new watch. Crowd goes wild.

18:59GMT: Video showing watch device (no name yet!) with metal strap – looks classy.

18:58GMT: Here it comes!

18:56GMT: ApplePay is coming in October.

18:54GMT: Eddy’s on the hunt for some Beats headphones. He just bought some with Touch ID!

18:53GMT: No details of a UK release. Not surprisingly, US being pushed out first. McDonalds drive-through ApplePay functionality gets a large cheer. Wholefoods gets a larger cheer, possibly out of guilt.

18:52GMT: ApplePay security and privacy being detailed. A wise move. One-time codes, ability to cancel credit card from Mac. Apple doesn’t know what you’ve bought or where you are. Cashier doesn’t see your name or code.

18:50GMT: Passbook’s not dead! You can add your ApplePay cards to it

18:48GMT: Eddy Cue to talk abotu ApplePay – It’s built into every iPhone 6 and 6+. Based on NFC technology.

18:47GMT: ApplePay – an entirely new payment process – has been announced. Contactless pay with your iPhone 6 in seconds.

18:45GMT: Tim’s gonna revolutionise the wallet.

18:44GMT: Slightly bizarre advert showcasing the iPhone 6 and Health features.

18:42GMT: iOS8 available to download for free on 17 September! Tim’s back.

18:40GMT: iPhone 6 pre-orders to begin on 12 September with a release on 19 September. Again, no surprises!

18:39GMT: iPhone 6 from $199-$399.

18:37GMT: Going deep into iOS 8 now – QuickType and Health among the features shown. No surprises yet!

18:35GMT: HDR videos coming with iOS 8.

18:34GMT: 1080p videos at 60fps. 6 and 6+ capable of videos up to 240fps! Slow-mo video of man skipping is shown – another nail in the coffin of video cameras!

18:33GMT: Optical Image Stabilization exclusive to iPhone 6+.

18:30GMT: Incredible photos taken with the new iPhone 6 camera now being shown! Phase Detection AF helping users take their best photos ever. Impressive macro results shown too. Panoramas up to 43MP!

18:28GMT: 802.11ac Wi-Fi in the iPhone 6 – up to 3x faster than before. Wi-Fi phone calling too! Supported by EE in the UK.

18:26GMT: Barometer sensor functionaity in the iPhone 6

18:25GMT: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has better battery life in every respect to the 5S – 80 hours of music! 12 hours Wi-Fi/4G browsing

18:23GMT: SuperEvilMegaCorp giving a console-like gaming experience to the iPhone 6 with Vain Glory – coming to the App store in Autumn.

18:20GMT: iPhone 6 up to 50% more energy efficient – great news for those after longer battery life

18:18GMT: A8 chip inside iPhone 6! Billions of transistors!! … Now it’s 50 times faster than the original iPhone

18:15GMT: Touch ID button adds new feature: Double touch to reach content top of screen.

18:14GMT: Focus on horizontal screens for 6+ – horizontal home screen a la iPad.

18:13GMT: The thinnest iPhones ever made! 6.9mm and 7.1mm thick respectively

18:12GMT: Striking, curved edges, strengthened glass are among the design features

18:10GMT: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ (plus) have been announced!

18:06GMT: Technical difficulties on the Apple live event stream, but Tim Cook has taken the stage to talk about the history of the company.