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App Store (it’s not for girls)

Having snubbed the offer of Ben’s old one (which is currently being held as evidence anyway), I’ve just bought my first iPhone. Apart from the weird rubbery earphones (is it just me or is it harder to untangle them) and the rubbish battery, I’m impressed.

The App Store, however, is a little disappointing. It seems to me that although there are over 500 apps available there seems to be an awful lot of the same stuff, who needs 25 different versions of Sudoku? I can’t help but feel that there is a definite lack of female orientated apps. Okay, I admit, the first app I downloaded was iPint but that was only because it was the one that I thought would impress my mates the most and, despite one asking if this was the new ‘3D’ iPhone, it worked.

The other game I’ve also become hopelessly addicted to is the app based on the chinese solitaire game of Mahjong, but why pay £2 or £3 for it when there is a perfectly good free version available? The most disappointing app I’ve come across so far has to be Flashlight – I get as much light from the home screen as I do from the application’s white one.

So, for any potential developers out there who might be reading this, can we please have some more apps for girls!

Top five apps I’d like to see

1. Heat magazine for iPhone

2. An app with a reflected screen to use as a compact

3. Latest fashion trends alert

4. An app that categorises your wardrobe then matches outfits up for you

5. Daily beauty tips (Ben is quite interested in this one too)


Helen Harris, Senior Designer